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New stuff:

  • New main menu
  • New main theme


  • Changed the rogue's mask to add dodge on use - can only be used 1 time per combat


  • Fixed the Frog Totem so it can't be "used"
  • Fixed a mistake where the Turtle Shaman could overcharge the player

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Apr 15, 2022

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Hello, is there anyway to balance poison that enemies deal in endless mode, because burns and attacks are mitigated by scaling haste in the late game but poisons can literally one turn kill you in floors 30 and above. But I guess balancing it may be hard, maybe an item like cleansing rag but better could become a legendary in the late game to nullify/cleanse alot of poison. Thank you. :)

Hi, just wondering if Matthew was removed from the game. I didn't see anything about it in the patch notes and I miss being able to start runs a certain way. For context I've gotten to level 15+ a few times in endless but he's gone.

oh, just press M at the main menu, it works regardless of your previous runs.

only one thing i feel the need to mention, it is possible to get soft locked in battle, could have a "kill me" button pop up after like 15 turns in battle. the possibly for this is rare so understandable if nothing is to be done about it. softlock aside i love this game and cant wait to see it grow

Any plans for translation of the game?

Have a happy Kickstarter time!


The stone that gives +3 damage to weapon in row and colomne for the combat, uses only one energy, and has no "destroyed on use" or "once a turn" or "once a combat.. etc, and is therefor op

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There is an item that adds haste when getting hit 

This item is useless most of the time because when you get hit the haste expires because your turn ends after the enemies attack and it is just a waste of space


H A V E  T W O  O F  T H E M  B R O


they hard to get


It's more useful when you have a separate source of haste, as it generally maintains that level of haste by adding +1 when attacked.  Also, against certain enemies that hit multiple times a turn (sable) and when facing multiple enemies that you can accumulate haste charges.

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wow hope saving is fixed, a lot of run tend load the previous. not the new game :( any way to backup save manually?


This is actually a problem with how browsers save data. There isn't a super clear way to fix it atm. When the game shifts to download builds this issue should be resolved

new version got better save :)