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Backpack Hero is the inventory management roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your bag, and vanquish your foes!

Backpack Hero

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Delve into the dungeon with your magic backpack!


Use the mouse!
Right-click/arrow-keys to rotate items while holding them.
Get as far into the Dungeon as you can!

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turn 1 grandmaster kill with cleaver build

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It's done! 

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Killed grandmaster in 2 turns lol

It was fun to play.

this is the best thing made

I managed to find a build that looks like it will go the distance for any endless run.Every Shield's Forge slot is filled with the +1 Haste effect.

Each turn I gain a tonne of actions thanks to the Ore, and then each time I hit a Hercule, I gain a bunch of Block which is then converted to Damage, while also gaining a tonne of stacks of Haste, which leads to even more Block next action.  If I can't defeat all enemies by the time I've used up all Actions, I'll still have enough Block to survive whatever attacks come my way, and I have the Swamp Shield to remove any Poison I suffer.  And since there are no weapons in this build, I can use Pacifist's Rings too.

no slow build for me...

This is surprisingly amazing. Im getting it on Steam, good job!

floor 27 with cleaver build,died to king


are you thinking about making a android version?

Pessoal comecei a jogar agora, desculpe minha pergunta besta, mas numa parte do jogo, na parte do magma, ou pântano indiferente da categoria de armas que uso seja arqueiro ou corpo a corpo não consigo infligir dano em ninguém, alguém me dizer o porque? 

Bug report:
I've tried twice now, and upon completing the Final Very Hard challenge for Satchel in Story Mode, the final chest doesn't spawn anything upon being opened.  This prevents completion of the Challenge.

Note:  I am up to -four- attempts now, and still result in nothing coming out of the chest for Satchel in Very Hard 5 of Story Mode.  I've completed all other Very Hards for all other characters at this point.

that is a very important and bad bug!

Still no word from the dev, though.  I wonder if they've abandoned

Very good game! I made it to endless with a wizard archer and finally beefed it to some bats, despite having a cleansing rag. I didn't even know what haste did until this run so I didn't put it in the right spot. Oh well!

Above: This is the backpack i had not long before beating the game. The bow actually became very dangerous to use against the final boss due to rage issues lol, but thankfully I had picked up a cleansing wand that saved my whole butt.

This is my final backpack during endless. I was trying out different legendary melee weapons... I had a great spear and this sword was a downgrade. It didn't matter though, because my offense wasn't fast enough nor my defense strong enough to get a chance to use melee, since all my energy was going to shields.

Gotta say, being a wizard is the best. Being able to throw out a couple dozen attacks per round was amazing, especially with stopwatch. I think my little electricity wand was doing 50 damage per mana at one point with just stopwatch and a forge damage bonus.

I started the run trying to be an archer but you know how things go.

can u please explain to me what haste do? i play this game since the publishing but dont understand wth haste do

Sorry I actually forgot since this 💀



It's the opposite of slow: Gain more Block whenever you gain block.
Rage and Weak do the same for weapon damage.

Our saviour!

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Very original spin on a card game genre (is it a card game?... I mean, technically it's not yet still has the same vibes smh)

Very imaginative game. Will probably end up with this on Steam.

Any chance of a Switch port?


it's on switch now! We're still fixing a few bugs and working on touchscreen support but the game is working decently there overall!

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The HP scaling in endless play lol

Tad op

i just realised this, but tilted sword and heavy blade has the same texture

Can't play demo on steam anymore

I love this game!Really fun,so far i've only played the web version,but i can't wait to buy the steam one someday!


Love the game so far... Amazing concept!! 

But I I think I ran into a softblock... (I'm playing on mobile in my browser) I walked towards that door without owning a key and i wanted to leave the game spawned me behind it ;) 


i feel like it had potential.

I bought it on Steam, and when I saw this game, I joined .


I want to make a game like this.
It's a really good game.

Before making a purchase, I'd like to inquire about the expected duration of gameplay the game offers.


The site HowLongToBeat is a great resource for this kind of question. According to its metrics, a single playthrough can be about 4 hours, but a completionist approach trends more toward 42.


Would love for the servers to work i'f I'm assuming the right thing works on a computer but not this iPad that i have played this before on Please fix.

Amazing game! Have been watching some of your work on twitter, finally got some time to play it. Congratulations!


Spanish language on switch plz!!

Great game, super creative gameplay!


Tips : You can buy herb from a frog shop (or wathever you call it) for 1 coin, aand after you fight a battle, any battle, return to the frog shop to gain 3 coin, aditionally free 2 coin


Hello Developers. I don't know if you still check these comments, but I wanted to ask something. Did you intentionally remove endless mode from the steam demo? Because i cant go into endless mode. I play on windows(in case its computer type specific) If you did remove it, WHYYY!!!! Plz add it back. if you don't, that's cool too. its your game after all. But plz add it back.

Hi All,

I have purchased the game via the Epic Games system and there seems to be several issues with bugs - such as enemies not despawning when dead - and several crash behaviors (normally when in the "second zone"). I've noted that my version from Epic Store is an "earlier" build version (and perhaps the epic store is using an older version of the game) than my friends version from steam store. 

I know a limited amount about dev - but don't see how this can occur (unless it is a commercial thing)?

Love the game + the concept and would be keen to explore all the hidden gems I'm sure await me!

Hey! Sorry to hear of the issues on Epic. We are working on them and it should be updated this week!

Amazing! Thank you for the update - might be an idea to put something on a reddit thread/dev update area so people know you're still supporting the game!

Thanks - and thank you for an amazing game!


last boss is kind of cracked. without a build that removes status conditions from enemies, he's unbeatable. problem is that it basically invalidates the majority of different builds unless you either have a stack of remove status potions or an extremely rare accessory that let's you do this. kind of lame.


Nah, there's a fair few ways to beat him.

I've taken down The King using an straighforward armor+Sword build (Just let the spikes slow down, and with spikes of your own beat regen), an Arrow build (Who cares about spikes if I am long ranged!) and a Metal Wand/broken ring build. It's doable, just a bit tricky and weird.


I think it would be cooler if in the frog shop, you could remove curse for like 5 or 7 coin each curse

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got stuck behind a door I cant open (alt stairs behind first boss) because when I leave it closed, my character moves randomly and unfortunately stepped to the other side, but the staircase didnt show up and now I cant leave nor go back. Its a shame because this setup was amazing

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Love the game in browser so I decided to buy it,

Unfortunately, it doesn't run on mac and my steam key is a duplicate. So, that kinda sucks... a refund or a fix for that would be great though especially cause I really want to play the more updated versions

Edit :  Talked to one of the Dev's and got my steam key fixed, wonderful team who actually care for their players and I hope their work keeps going good!

very fun game

I love it!

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