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Backpack Hero is the inventory management roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your bag, and vanquish your foes!

Backpack Hero

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Delve into the dungeon with your magic backpack!


Use the mouse!
Right-click/arrow-keys to rotate items while holding them.
Get as far into the Dungeon as you can!

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Purchased the early release version on Steam.  Is there a game mode to let me continue to play the demo version?  Still not done trying everything in that version yet. When I installed the paid version, it removed the demo, and now when I try to install the Demo version it just does the full version.

sorry, but there isn't a way to get back to the demo on Steam once the game is purchased, but you can still play the web version here on Itch whenever you want!


god i love the pickaxe


Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings

This may have already been found, but the Forge mechanic did not work as expected for me. Choosing "+1 SPIKE" on the Mirror Shield did not result in +1 spike for the player on use, but instead resulted in +1 spike for the enemy (which, combined with the Mirror Shield's -2 spikes on enemy base, resulted in a net -1 spikes for the enemy).

I found another buggy interaction. I levelled up after a boss fight, which caused me to be unable to pick up a Relic (I could interact with everything else, I just couldn't click and drag a relic into my inventory), so I quit and reloaded my save. Funny thing is, after I loaded my save, a tile in the middle of my inventory just got deleted along with the item I had in it. You can see in my screenshot that it isn't just a visual bug either, the ring got disconnected from my mana sources since the mana stone that connected it got snapped out of existence. 

Save image preview

An image preview that shows what the tiles should look like, or what they looked like before the glitch deleted my inventory slot.
Deleted square in the middle of my inventory.
As you can see, there is a square missing in the middle of my inventory. Also, the ring of rage is disconnected from mana sources, showing this is not only a visual issue.
I am still going to try continuing my run, as it was going really well, but I thought I would share this glitch in case it causes other people to have less fun.
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 Any time I come across the Spin the Wheel event, there is a very high chance I get softlocked by the wheel endlessly jiggling. 

Does this happen to anyone else? If not, I can provide more info on my game settings to help the devs solve the issue.

The Pickaxe is super overpowered, got to the magma place then died

Bruh, best I could get. GG

Neat build that got me to floor 14


and when will this game be on the phone or on ps 4?

Probably around April of next year when we do the full release. But no firm release date yet!

Finished the game with this on my 3rd try :D Nice game :)

my build before i died in  the magma place


like my woody 

why. the wooden sword is the worst weapon in the game (actually there are a couple worse ones but still-) and... just why.

found a smith really early and said why not main it 

why not just leave it and find another weapon and use it on that-

nah wood sword run 

lol i made a alchemist class that only comprise of gems, potion, 1 square weapon, and food i got to floor 4 with this class very difficult class

i got an idea for the game a few in fact. for event can u add a geologist his job is to give u a gem, for u to get a gem u need to give him mana. another one is that when u get the blacksmith event if hes upgrading ur weapon can u add the option to merge the gem and the weapon u can choose the gem of course, also u have to have a gem in u backpack. when the gem and the weapon is merged the weapon gets the gems buff if u wanna be extra u can change the skin of the weapon to have a gem on its hilt. another one i have is the cook event this for this event he will cook u a meal but u have to have the ingredients FINALLY the herbs can be useful dont know how u gonna make this function i guess depending on what we give him he will analyze how much the ingredients match with this meal and give u the closes meal that ur ingredient matches to.but for these to happen u need actually ingredients like carrots or something besides herbs. can u plz add these or more gems i love the gems.


I broke the game

When is satchel coming out? It says September? But like... this is September

at some point in September for all you know it will be released at the 30


we should be able to passively use food outside of combat as a heal or prep 


why did they take out the multiple choice begging option 


I'm sad that i don't have the proper game and i am sorry for not supporting you by buying the game. I really want to but my parents won't buy the game for me probably because it's like  R115 where i live but it's a very good game and i would support you if i could.

But anyway this is my setup in the steamunlocked version and i appreciate how you made the game and how good the game is Thejaspel. :D


Is there an android version somewhere? The game seems perfect to be played on mobile!

We may make a mobile port in the near future! For now it is PC only while in Early Access

You can play this on mobile in-website

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i wish that i could afford this on steam, but sadly money is a problem in life at the moment...  it's a pretty good game from what i've played tho

The full game is so worth it. I love the 3rd character.



hi there! just purchased, really liking the game!! any update on the steam keys - it says its unavailable at this time. thanks!

Glad you like it! Just updated with new keys! :)

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So I had this great build, but whenever I do something else and load up the webpage again (I havent closed it, I just clicked run game button) I ALWAYS start on this floor, I went like ten floors with additional saves (not the autosaves that happens when you enter a new floor). Anyone got any idea how to fix?

I also have to change a setting to be able to interact with my backpack.

Pretty wierd tbh

Has anyone somehow been pushed through a locked door with no key and unable to leave?

This is a glitch in the web version, but in the full downloadable game it is fixed! :)

copy and paste

The hell am I supposed to do with this???????

die, i guess

find a healer, and pay them to remove curses

in the middle of combat

how did you completely fill up on curses my guy?

Завжди думав що ті хто зберає лут не приймають участь у бійках.

Чи будеможливість наймати захисників?

You know...having four lucky rings might be a bit too much


I accidentally stacked poison on a self-poison weapon and died 

Poison is still busted, especially in endless mode. Stacks way too fast and very few ways to deal with it. 

In the full game there is much less poison and more regular attacks

I do own the Steam version but alas, I'm limited to this version while passing time at work on the work computers. 


But I do agree, it is much more balanced in the Steam version thus far. You've done a great job. :)

locked away for eternity :(


welcome to horny jail 

no... NOOOO I JSUT GOT OUTTA HEREEE! (insert the PVz 'NOOOOO' sfx here)

This is a glitch in the web version, but in the full downloadable game it is fixed! :)

copy and paste

I clicked save game in my previous run and when I try to load up the game again by clicking run game, it does not load up. anyone know how i could maybe fix this issue?

The web based version has trouble saving. The full game has multiple save slots and saves are a lot more stable! :)


Just won with brass knuckles. I FOUND 3 OF THEM. But only found 8 rings the whole run. . .


This is what I call a Mexican standoff... :D

I think Scratch bypasses Spikes. Or was it Dodge...  (´・ ω・`) ?


I think this build is immortal until you reach a high enough level for the fire DoTs from Geckos and Grandmaster to go past your 999 shield cap in 1 turn. I was dealing 1300+ x32 each turn, yes yes.   >:3

For some reason it always crashes for me after the first boss battle? 

Awesome game, got super sucked in straight away. Absolutly want to buy the full version so I can be a cute frog :D.

Hit a bug where I got trapped behind a locked door I couldn't open.

Clicked on it and didnt have a key, after hitting the cancel button it moved me forwards behind the door, softlocking the run.

i've gotten that too. i think it's because the game automatically moves you away from the door after interacting, and if you click on the map it interprets it as real movement at the same speed as usual, getting you way outside the map and panic teleporting you to the neares space, usually on the other side of the door

same here, ah sad I've just got a rare item. 

This is a glitch in the web version, but in the full downloadable game it is fixed! :)

Thanks for supporting us! Full game has the "move behind locked door" glitch fixed! :)

so are red and blue slimes

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