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Backpack Hero is the inventory management roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your bag, and vanquish your foes!

Backpack Hero

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Delve into the dungeon with your magic backpack!


Use the mouse!
Right-click/arrow-keys to rotate items while holding them.
Get as far into the Dungeon as you can!

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QUEEN BEE SUCKS! also how is my setup for this early in the game? 

its overly weak. you need to hard focus on one build type. you have the makings of a great swordsman run you just needed a little more armor and some roses

thanks for the response this is my first ever comment on itch, and thanks for the info, but i died in that run.. queen bee is annoying for my play style

Got a etherial shiv by disabling it with archangel wings. It did not disapear after the battle. 

paficst ring and besreker ring in the same backpack is possible with...

  • teddy bear sword or that one poison book with other things to help poison or maybe scratch builds
  • bricks and broken ring
  • maybe blackmanastone

teddy bear sword and brass kuckles can be buffed via duct tape for maybe endless runs

Your post explains why it is nearly impossible to combine these 2 energy rings for those exact reasons: 

  1. Other than the bricks and broken ring all of the items you have mentioned have an uncommon, rare or legendary rarity including the energy rings themselves and regardless this is not a viable strategy in the long run due to endless' scaling.
  2. The scaling issue is particularly true for the Teddy sword because the Teddy sword cannot be upgraded at any forge and ignore useful items like the gems since it is not treated as a weapon by the game, but I think you are aware of that already.
  3. Out of the entirety of your comment I think the brass knuckles strategy could eventually be the most fruitful if paired with multiple "wolverine gloves" to quickly kill all the enemies simultaneously and much more quickly. 

Ideally you would want the broken ring too, but still the issue of mana management could make it more of a shore to use against enemies that deal 20 damage per turn, or enemies like the fire geckos or the repxecutiors which will break down your defenses making it pointless. Though, I do recommend the candle and the My First Wand coupled with a Necronomicon for this build to alleviate the issues posed by those enemies if anyone will ever be attempting a run using this build.

Whoever made the Polish translation made a terrible grammar error...

Any details?

(2 edits)

An obvious ortography error on fire lizard translation, and there's some issues I personaly have (like male-gendered dialogues when your primary character is Purse. Some dialogue and comunicates could easily be switched to genderless forms) plus I get it's beta and the translation might be incomplete but I'm not sure if the translator just didn't miss out a few things (like "gerbil ruffian" where "gerbil" is translated and "ruffian" is not, olm and skink are unstranslated too).

can someone explain the Dumbbell and Glass bottle to me? i keep trying to do what it says, but it still never works.  like it says " if there is an adjacent item, this is disabled"...but i literally moved everything away from it so there arent anything adjacent or even diagonal but it still disables.  

am i doing this wrong?

this is what i get when i start a fight. so im confused with the wording. Google fails me everytime i try to figure it out.


The dumbbell and bottle's effects are added to your weapons, so you need to have nothing adjacent to the weapons to get the buff.


not the barbell gets that effekt but the weapons itself! so in this case no weapon may touch anything

the barbell itself doesnt matteer wheere you place it... as long as no weapon touches it

oh! that makes a lot more sense! thanks guys!

(1 edit)

you have to remove all items adjacent to the weapon

The "If there is an adjacent item, this item is disabled" thing is for the weapons, not the barbell. You cant have any of your items touching the weapons themselves, not the barbell. Having items touching the barbell wont change anything if your weapons have something touching them.

It seems that i cant play this on my phone again.. this message keep on popping out... sad :(


Leaving door without opening it often cause me to take weird route

The Strongest Bow in Backpack Hero! Tier-S!!


The game's difficulty has had a massive kick. Now it is just hoping that you get a good build going. Or you just get stomped by enemiies. Everything has just dramatically become harder.


there is infinte money expoit with the yummy fly



buy something while the fly is active and go to another shop for profit

Please don't deliver whole game, I'm already addicted :D


The game is great. You can going back and re-visit some of the random events, especially merchants which are important. You will know how to spin right at floor 0. The instruction of buff and debuff is clear.

Yet the update is also making it notoriously challenging.

  • EXP: 
    • The experience gaining is much slower, I don't even have a full backpack when reaching floor 9, which will not happen in early beta.
  • Merchant: 
    • They now only accept a certain amount of selling (and they do not show the quota), which limits me from changing playing style. This also means you need to take the gambit of "high-value item consuming space" and "lose money because you didn't keep the rare item".
  • The mobs:
    • The final boss is much much harder than the boss before. (High HP + spike + rage) means you can only go a full burst and kill ASAP or endure and grind the boss's HP away. Even having ~70 HP by buying 5-HP boosts and a rare herb (+3 HP), you can still die in second attack.
    • I often die at floor 4, mobs can stat to deal 20+ damage at floor 2, much earlier than old version.
  • RNG: the biggest enemy
    • I faced a run which I see my first merchant at floor 7.
    • In another run I met 2 forge, only to find out that they only provide shield upgrade when I had never picked up a shield.
    • If you cannot get healing consumables in a row, you are going to die very soon, especially floor 2+.
    • The archer kit  and uncommon items from Matthew are ... sometimes horrible.

the exp part might be because you didn't eneter the brambles

When I played as an archor yesterday, the spikes on the enemies did not cause me any damage. Is it a bug, or is it just that I am doing a distant attack?


Spikes doesn't affect projectile attacks :)

I am surprised that using magic staff triggered spikes effect :(

you are hitting them with the staff


does the steam demo and the browser version always get updates at the very same time or is one version updated earlier or later? like when you do an update, which version gets it earlier?


The steam demo is the more updated "full" game, while the version is the less uptated, demo version. Steam get's the updates first and has all the content, while dose not. I hope this helped you

yes thanks a lot!

there have a bug,I choose{use key}but I forget I don't have key,so I choose{leave},than,I can't leave here,I was locked on

ps. I can't upload my image :(

translation not found

I honestly don't even know how you're gonna do a full game, there's so much content in this demo alone. 


Even more content! Please follow and wishlist us on Steam

From what I do know the dev-team planned to add a town you can upgrade in a similar vein to Rogue Legacy in the Steam release. We do not know yet what purpose it will have, however.

OK, I've been through multiple runs.  And this keeps happening.  In the older version by the time I got to Floor 9, I would have a full backpack.  I have been fighting all the enemies, and somehow I never get enough exp for a full backpack by Floor 9.  Is this how it is supposed to be now?

Update, got to FLOOR 13 and still not a full backpack.  What?  I don't mind the death, but having reached the Floor 9 boss and still be behind two levels, and then Floor 13, meaning I beat the Floor 13 boss, and somehow still not have a full backpack.  Seriously?

We rebalanced the levels so you would be constantly expanding over a longer period of time! Sorry if it's too much. We'll work on it! 

exp requirements increased quite a bit, i believe.

Damn! The update just killed my round 300+ run! It didn't add many new features either as I see, it mostly added a new interface to promote the actual game. So, I'm kinda salty about it. 

I had a monstrous cleaver run going. 169k+ damage on the first energy. Damn! it'll take a while to set it up again.

Sorry you lost your run! That's the problem with Itch. Whenever we do any update all save data is lost 😢

Yeah, I understand. It's okay, I'm not mad about it. I think it's kinda cool that you replied to the comment, it means you read the comments, that's cool. 

I really like the game and wanted to join the Kickstarter, but I'm having some issues with my card. It might take a while till I get to get the full game. So, the itch for me for now.

Died to blade master because I could not block his damage. Metallic wand had a golden whetstone and +5 damage.

(2 edits)

hey small bug the kinda ended my run, i somehow managed get through this lock door by walking directly from the other locked door to this one(i had no keys)

i believe i did this by accidently pressing the question mark(above the chest with the locked door) the immediately pressing the healer on the map(where i am now) which made the character just walk in a straight line towards the healer

there seems to be an issue with the sum of what your block is.  had equipment that should have been close to 20 block, but never went past 15.  if i can recreate it i'll post screenshot

(1 edit)

Gear before Rude rooster.  this should add up to 23 right?

my block during the fight...the math doesnt add up...or am i dumb?


Helmets generally cancel out other helmets

Yeah, previously, helmets gave a negative penalty to other helmets, but not they simply disable them, so, I don't think they add shields anymore. 

But I might be wrong

finally noticed that...which explains why i had no spikes in another run.


read helmet description


Game is much more difficult, and I don't know why.  The previous rendition at least allowed someone to get to Endless, and that's where the true difficulty should begin.

Also, some changes to items are weird in design choice.  Take, Cleansing Flame, it used to just remove enemy thorns and recovery; but now it removes all status effects on the enemy, including the debuffs you put on them.  With one item, you turn off your own poison, slow, weakness, etc... on the enemies.  Why would you change this item this way?  Like, I understand some balance changes that allowed players to abuse like the Hercule Pavise.  But I don't understand what the purpose is to have an item that removes your own applied debuffs to the enemies.  It is a relic, so you have to beat a boss for it.  There is still an RNG to maybe get it.  It wasn't such a crucial item that it was required on all builds.  And that's just one of the instant new gripes I have with the new version besides difficulty.

They definitely increased enemy health and damage early on. Enemies can do 20+ damage per turn on Floor 2 now.

It's not that I mind the increased difficulty, but now it just makes it much clearer when there are balance issues with RNG. If you don't get really good items early, your run will be over faster. There needs to be some design decisions made to better improve the quality of early game runs.


We're definitely still working on early game balance!

cant play demo on 32 bit windows


New Flame Axe & Flame Gem is Insane!! Ultra Burn!!!

can't join discord server

Chinese language bug. Many words are displayed wrong. Pls fix!

when selling items:

is this normale

sorry if its wrinter wrong im from danmake

Yes, it is normal

good and whene you sell items they now disspere

more build or item plz!!!

haste&spike build is vulnerable when faceing curse enemy like slimes

magic is…interesting,but my best try was just 2k on first turn,give up next turn if i'm not dead already

no comment for structure , maybe you should changing the category to garbage

its not garbage if you get archangel armor


Amazing game!

Feels like they tweaked the difficulty quite a bit. Seems MUCH harder to get to the endless mode now. There are enemies doing 21 damage a turn on like floor 2.

If you don't get really good items early, your run is just dead. I'm not sure I like the change. Feels more like this is turning into RNG simulator where it's all about your loot drops and less about strategically organizing your backpack.

I think this game suffers from balance issues. Mainly due to them trying to balance the game to deal with getting strong gear early on a lucky run. The best solution for this is to let players power up common items easier. The only current way to do this is with the Forge. There needs to be a way to like... socket gems on to weapons and armor, or something... in order to improve them. Right now it's like, you either get a really good weapon and it's too easy, or you get stuck with a basic one and your run just ends.

Feels too dependent on RNG to the point where I don't feel like I have much agency anymore. I'd love to turn a bad run into a good one using some strategy but as of now I'm just finding myself restarting by floor 2 if I haven't found something worthwhile.

actually, if you hard focus on a build from floor 1 (my personal fav is super poison combos) it's less hard from there. luck rings and anything to do with luck on floors 1-5 is a life saver.

(1 edit)

You can focus on a build all you want but if you don't get lucky enough to get the items you need for the build, you're left being really weakened and have zero chance of getting to endless mode. Relying on getting luck rings still requires luck to even get them in the first place.

Also even the floor arrangements require luck, because the first floor could have more or less stuff on it, giving you an easier or harder time right away. A run where you get 3 locked rooms and no keys on the first floor is pretty bad. A run where you get 3 heart locations on the first floor but no shops to sell anything means you're missing out on probably 2 of those heart locations because you won't have enough money to afford them.

I get the game is supposed to have RNG, but I just think it would be nicer if we could strategically counter it in some ways. When a game ends up devolving into dice rolls, I lose all interest. If I feel I have no agency, I lose all interest. The more smart choices I can make, the more rewarding it feels.

I think they need to tweak the RNG algorithms to be a bit more conditional for more consistent quality play throughs. For example, if you're going to have multiple locked rooms on a floor, there should be equivalent keys attainable somewhere on the floor. If on the first floor there's 3 locked rooms but I can't get keys anywhere, that's bad game design.

(1 edit) (+2)

30k+ damage first energy, got myself a heck of a cleaver run! Even post nerf the chef's hat is great, and the belt of knives remains stupidly OP with cleavers.

Heart + cleanse for spike enemies, everything else is dps. Extra cleavers on the kings would be minimal dps and cost life vs spikes, ended up dropping stopwatch for more cleavers later since it is actually nothing compared to belt. Final plan is 4x chef's hat, lots of duct tape, and as many cleavers as I can fit in the remaining space (king, queen, jack doesn't matter as long as they activate others)

Edit: I was being silly, don't have to stack the Chef's Hat as the nerf doesn't remove their damage bonus when they are disabled, only the block. Intentional or mistake?
(1 edit) (+2)

i lost all the progress, save a game on floor 65, but when i comeback to continue, im back to floor 45 :((((((

edit: it happens twice now :((((((( 5 duct tape, and all the cleaver is gone. :(


Smart marketing decision!

ikr that happened to me like the day of the new update

Earthstone blade... is it bugged it has the effect +3 for each space below, but it is only counting 4 spaces... Shouldn't this be plus 30 or am I misunderstanding it?


Pretty sure it just counts the column with the highest number of spaces below it, not the total number of spaces below it. The item description seems a bit wrong

Then that might mean it will count all the columns if they are all the same length maybe. I try it out next Earthstone blade I get.

it's sort of like boots. it only counts how many rows are under it. though, it can be increased by the use of duct tape under it. just sayin.

New Item! Infinite Damage Ballista! Floor 100!

it seems like rn i cant play due to an update removing the flash player to play the game... sad atm...

I did not know that you are going to be on steam

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