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Backpack Hero is the inventory management roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your bag, and vanquish your foes!

Backpack Hero

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Delve into the dungeon with your magic backpack!


Use the mouse!
Right-click/arrow-keys to rotate items while holding them.
Get as far into the Dungeon as you can!

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Heya! Any chance to get early access via Steam purchase? I just found this game yesterday, and missed the kickstarter. :( 

help me guys the game is just giving me cleavers but never good ones like i never get more than 2 duct tape, more than 2 king or queen cleavers, the emerald bracelet, or shield sprit the only things i get a lot of is beresker ring, crimson energy (i got 6 of them once) and the token of energy please help my backpack has a built-in curse

Is there some sort of mechanic that disables certain items when you start a run, 'cause I've seen every single legendary item at least three times, except for Duct Tape.  I've even stooped to save-scumming floors with multiple shops/curse rooms.

Never mind, I finally found one :D

That is one pissed off mouse.

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Floor 309, 12 energy per turn, kills everything super fast. Very addictive build due to assassin blade's damage going up dramatically after improving it with 10+ Golden Whetstones. Enemy HP in endless scales linearly, so doing this lets you outscale them permanently. Most battles are over in a matter of seconds.   

Golden whetstones can be farmed by drinking star potions. If you have enough HP you can get tons by letting that blood-sucking bat NPC bite you repeatedly. That's kinda hot

It gets stale rather quickly though, as with any other build. Would've been nice to get to floor 1000 and see if there's anything special but it takes too damn long. I'm pretty much done with the demo, had tons of fun, hopefully the full release is even better

Ok I kinda won the game. Just have to go through the motions.

The combo I got is. 

Berserkers club, hourglass and poison.

So I can apply 1 poison for 0 cost.

Hourglass reduces damage. So berserkers club does 0 damage to self.

And with a rag, to cleanse poison to self.

I can literally do as much poison as I am willing to grind. Just wish I have more poison on it, so that things goes faster.

Dislike end boss as he completely nullified my otherwise beautiful build

I don't even know how I managed to amass 154 health but the Red Hoodie is really overpowered. Very cool mess of a backpack

60 vampiric damage per turn (ignore the poison) and defense! What could go wrong?

Yeah I died to my own poison.

can fly's be stacked ? 

if not i have a idea for the teddy bear sword

 mack fly's stackable

flys cannot be stacked none of the items stack (expect for coins, old mana, and old arrows)

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I had 3 rage on the sword and one haste on the shield, the forge is definitively the BEST event. I took the curse sword before I knew honey curse got buff, and I already putted 2 rage on it. Sadly I died because of geco curses + poison. It was still a nice wall that gave 300 + armor with haste

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pls fix this Thejaspel

sadly he will only update the steam version and not the itch (dot) io version.

My first (and probably last) win. That final boss is no joke. You gotta come prepared when you're up against him. I have no idea how all of you guys keep making all these crazy builds. I can't even understand how any of the pieces work properly.
2 items are missing because they were "use 1 or 2 times and discard"
1 was a blue whetstone which made my weapon 200% stronger and the second was that 1 meal you get in the beginning that gives you 4 extra moves.

What a nice game. Wishlist added

cleaver build with God Item duct tape 馃槅


My game got corrupted on floor ~450


Looks like the save scum bug.


Assassin's dagger scales really well into endless, 1352 damage per hit with 4 golden whetstones, even more with buffs from cursed whetsone

dang... managed to get to 150 hp but my incredibly low defense capabilities were my downfall... stupid multi attack guys....


Weapon idea: Shield Ax It's both a weapon and a shield it's legendary rarity and it takes up as much room as the pickax just were the pickax's picks are the spot right below that is also filled. It can both activate and be activated by shield spirit and all effects that apply to weapons or shields apply to it. 

I'll just let the floor number speak for itself. Cleavers are broken

What are the odds of THREE Fish swords?

Unlimited Energy from Kegs Saved the Day! *as long as you can pay*

Pay to 1 turn kill

Spike, Slow, Vampire, Block, Attack, at the same time. Need Venom Gem and the all in one Attack will be complete.

I killed King with this setup, I call it, rising defense, and I have no shield.


water flasks

One of the better archery runs I tried today. I had a structure building going, and was offered archangel armor TWICE. Once in the rabbit event and another in the spin the wheel event. Got cursed in the rabbit one and lost moolah on the spin the wheel mini game. I was also offered a manastone bow VERY early, but didn't pick it. It was bigger than the composite bow that I had, stupid decision I made. Got it back tho. Lost tons of hp. at the blademaster fight in floor 15, died because of under-damage in floor 16 because of Fire Geckos. 

My deepest floor so far, I could outscale most enemies but eventually the weaker first turn took it's toll on me and I got one-shot ;-; 

Second turn I had 9 energy, going up to 12 on long fights, and poison would only kill me if it stacked enough to one-shot me (which was unlikely because I could cleanse 18+ poison per turn)

The badger boss on floor 18 (18000 health) died to 4500 spikes and 2200 poison, it was fun to watch his minions get one-shot by spikes

I was looking for a second Pavise and something to give me Haste (a shield blacksmith would be MVP here), but it was great nonetheless

what is the blue coin item?

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It is ethereal energy created by the wand. It costs 3 mana and gives this.

Ethereal energy gives +1 energy per turn.

the blue coin item gives you +1 energy but its only from the wand

Well thats unfortunate, been coping so hard for another king cleaver and the vampirism stone.

Is this the Defect from Slay the Spire?



You know you're strong when you can kill Badger boss without attacking.

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hey, you know that one saying about the greatest offense is a great defense or whatever that was? i took it literally! and then died to a snake's poison... gonna reload my save to try to save the run. in the process i'll get my seasoning back. i really wish i could have a self healing thingy... it's impossible to save my run... POISON TOO STRONK

too sad, you didn't get a gemstone heart/vampire crystal.

Best run so far, didn't tho i would last that long. After that i got rekt by snake... 25 poison every 2 turn ,, can't compete with that ! 

can you stack tasty flies?

you cant stack anything my man

Wdym you can stack a lot of things

For example you can stack coal. Very nice till you meet an enemy with thorns.


Never got any of the king/queen cleaver so just decided to do a jack run. it got a lot farther than i thought it would died to poison/fire.

So, Is there any way I can actually save the game and reload it again after I close the browser? I don't have the steam version :(

I got to floor 100 but my google chrome is slowing down hard, so my FPS at this floor seems extremely low. It takes a good 2 minutes before my build actually finished 1 energy so I want to restart my PC lol.

My infinite cleaver build at level 100. I kill everything turn 3 except level 99 grandmaster which I needed 2 extra energy in turn 4 for. I kill any poison or curse threat before it hits me except on the double living shadow fights, I tank 1 curse there. The ethereal energy wand is so good.

I still have plenty to optimize, need some more rage on my main king cleaver so I can get rid of the arrow and replace it with a queen cleaver, once that is done I can get rid of the stopwatch and cleaver hat to increase the procs on my main king cleaver to amplify the rage bonus more. With 1 more rage and a queen cleaver I would almost double my damage output. After that I can add in 1 more Manastone for an addition turn 2 energy. Or I swap the totem for another Manastone. 

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it's surprising how you can survive without the belt of knives to floor 100, you should replace the thing next to the vampiric thingy cause if it's true you can one-shot anything with that abomination of a layout you don't need it and I would recommend the belt of knives

also, I think it should save automatically and it'll stay unless the browser breaks

there's also a chance it is saved in your account and not your browser idk but i saved it, restarted the browser and my 100 floor run is still in tact


Yes it is a true first try at a real build and i was suprised I managed to easily get to level 100. My build is based on rage and i had 3 rage on that bolt very early on, and the two shield triggers per energy on that bolt made me get 6 rage per energy spent. My first turn really isn't impressive, but damn my second and third turn this thing starts to shine. 4 energy, into 7 energy, into everything is dead.

I kept the cleansing rag because i occasionally did get hit by poison on the double bat and my damage wasn't quite there yet. Good call on removing it now though.

and while you are at it change the god darn layout i can see the duct tapes not getting used at their fullest


Progress is auto saved at the start of every floor so as long as you're playing with an account, you should be fine. Plus you can click on "Save game".

Also should probably reorganize your duct tapes to get hit by more cleavers. A lot of shields < A few duct tapes

Why do you have a single short arrow? Is it because you forged rage onto it?

top right corner has a button to save but you have to be out of battle

Tried a Doru run today. I play on the web, so the Doru is not trash here. Only if I had an archangel armor here...

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nailed it. got to floor 100


Your average quasi-infinite cleaver run

Currently on floor 181

7 energy, first hit is ~150k (Could be better if I got better luck with forges, they're so rare)

Even with the fast cleaver skip, still have to wait a ton for animation to end.

just noticed our little hero is going in the dungeon to find the"ancient cheese"


correction: "golden cheese"


bruh this spin is crazy


It took me a while to understand how mouse wood works. It's an insane relic, adding 200% bonus damage for each shot fired! Crazy!

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