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Backpack Hero is the inventory management roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your bag, and vanquish your foes!

Backpack Hero

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Delve into the dungeon with your magic backpack!


Use the mouse!
Right-click/arrow-keys to rotate items while holding them.
Get as far into the Dungeon as you can!

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I think someone stole your idea

just wanted to bring this to your attention,  been enjoying playing 

i have been playing this game literally everyday for the past 2 months and i need to buy the whole version


First, I bought the game a few days ago on steam and it's awesome, my sleep schedule has suffered which is always a great sign. But, I need to vent and make a suggestion about 1 thing.

I just lost a game by leaving 2 pets behind after reorganizing my bag. "Left-click>Warn me before leaving this on the ground" would be a decent quality of life improvement. Sometime it gets cluttered and it's easy to just forget something, triple-checking is a skill but not something I would consider fun gameplay.

I'm bad a, discord and steam community, sorry if this have been discussed many times already.


This is a great suggestion, and one we should have done a while ago (I mean it is already in place on cr8!) we will for sure add many many more QoL features in the coming weeks.

my rotation issue has been fixed in beta branch thx dew :D

Cool Game!

I like the Style and the way the weapons work

(although I'm pretty sure bow and arrows kinda stink... :/)

perhaps you are using the bows wrong, try playing as a glass cannon and having scaling items hit as many arrows as possible

they end up being some of the strongest weapons in the game as far as my experience goes

I prob am due to my stupidity

Btw this is on Browser

I play on the browser version as well because I don't have the money nor a device that can run the downloaded version trust me bows and cleavers are the strongest builds I've seen

(1 edit)

a couple of days ago I posted a comment saying I can't rotate items a person responded asking me about but I just replied now so I'm reposting the comment

is anyone else game bugged to where you can flip items (this is in the paid version, not this demo

(note:if I use the rotate button in settings it says translation key not found)

Thejaspel13 days ago

How do you flip items?

kingtoast777a few seconds

arrow keys

so eating food doesn't refill health?

Some food does! You need to read the effects of the particular item!

Is there a way to get early versions of this game I feel like it was much harder then.


We may update the web version again at some point, but for now our focus is on the desktop version! It's available on Itch and Steam! And there's way more challenging modes including challenge runs and harder difficulty levels.

Are cleaver runs still usable to get to 1000+ or was the pavise nerf too hard.

did they remove Mathew

He's still in there! You can press M to access him from the main menu. After you lose a run the option should be available on the main screen

thank you

(1 edit) (+1)

Just one cycled king had a water flask and 3 magic herbs the fox rapier did 111 damage and had +2 rage and a golden whetstone.

died on floor 13 to not having enough block

I used a translation tool, so I apologize if the text is not correct.

Is it possible to post videos or live-stream Backpack Hero on youtube or twitch?

Also, is it possible to monetize them?

Sure! We love the views! Go ahead!

ah, this truly is one of the builds of all time

tried to download the mac version; it unzipped into a folder named "itchzips" containing "mac", which had "contents" which had the actual game. running the game threw an error that said the file was damaged. what?

windows works fine

Weird. We'll look into the mac build

is anyone else game bugged to where you can flip items (this is in the paid version not this demo

How do you flip items?

arrow keys

Finally reach 1 million damage on floor 504!!!

my very best run so far. went amazing

Beat Grandmaster with this setup. I will see how far I get

I saw this game a few months ago on a youtube channel and thought nothing of it since it was just background noise as I worked.  Then it popped up again last week while I was at home and I payed more attention to it.  Then I bought it on steam and I haven't had a good night's sleep since. I've also gotten 3 other friends addicted as well.  This game is truly amazing! The possibilities are endless! And the different characters and play styles are great.  I'm a CR-8 fan, because of the heavy planning required, but my one friend likes Tote for the randomness challenge and another likes Satchel for the pocket madness.

I really like how all of the characters are named after types of holding container.  I don't know if you plan on more characters, but I think if you are, someone named Chester (or Chest R.) would be cool.

glad you are enjoying the game! we plan to add four more characters for a total of nine playable ones!

honestly op

If you use shivs with the ring the shivs can do 100 dmg each

best run I've had so far


got to floor 12


First off, thanks for your game! it's amazing, and I am terrible at it.

I just wanted to bring to your attention that there is a game on at least android devices called Heropack:Backpack Hero that is blatantly stealing assets from your game. The company is called Easy & Fun Casual Games. I have been seeing ads for it all over TikTok. I reported the app personally, but I don't know how much that is going to do.

Anyways have an amazing holiday and thanks again for the wonderful game. Let me know if I can help in anyway!

Requesting a ferret hero! nyeehee

My best run so far. Floor 18, but I couldn't take down the grandmaster with 18000 health.

Book+Ton of mana+electric wand if black manastone and metalic wand if no+Windmill+frog totem+Stopwatch+peridot=OP

got up to floor 17 with that

finaly after 74 hours of gameplay i found an op set

got to floor 8

awesome game Ive been playing it non stop and only just finished by using a shit ton of manastones and wands 

(1 edit) (+1)

one of my favorite runs so far

made it to second iteration of deep cavern


What do you mean oof? I made it five levels into endless mode

(1 edit)

awesome game super fun but I have no idea how the mana system works and why cant I use old saves?

mana system works with mana stones as power sources and wands as outputs, using conductive items as wires

ooh yeah thanks I figured it out now


I got an idea for the game a few in fact. for the event can you add a geologist his job is to give you a gem, for you to get a gem you need to give him mana. another one is that when u get the blacksmith event if he's upgrading ur weapon can u add the option to merge the gem and the weapon u can choose the gem of a course, also u have to have a gem in u backpack. when the gem and the weapon is merged the weapon gets the gems buff if u wanna be extra u can change the skin of the weapon to have a gem on its hilt. another one I have is the cooking event this is for this event he will cook u a meal but u have to have the ingredients FINALLY the herbs can be useful don't know how u gonna make this function I guess depending on what we give him he will analyze how much the ingredients match with this meal and give u the closes meal that ur ingredient matches to. but for these to happen u need ingredients like carrots or something besides herbs actually. can u plz add these or more gems I love the gems?

Sorry if this has been answered and I'm overlooking it, but wanted to ask;

Is there any intent/plan for a port to mobile devices?

Definitely something we're planning for! It'll probably be a bit! But hopefully next year!

It used to work on mobile a few weeks ago on web, now it just crashes(webgl error or something.) I dont know what happened,  but this would be a lovely mobile game.

Ive been enjoying the game for a while I have played it a bunch and seen many updates. 

The thing is though ( You knew it was coming) 

I would like to see other game modes or challenges.

Glad to hear you are enjoying it! Do you have the paid version? There's a lot of new content including 5 characters and many different game modes

can you play the paid version in browser or do you need to download it

it is download, not browser

I'm a free loader. :p


it would be cool to make the ability to insert stones into weapons. at the blacksmith for example. 


That's a really interesting idea, and I do agree with you. It'd make some weapons more reliable, especially pickaxe

Hey, what about 5408 scratch damage per turn?

good lord. that looks hella long for you lordddd



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