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Great game.

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Very nice game.

Right now,it feel it is too easy. Maybe it gets harder later on, the but the first 4 floors of the game are so simple they could be condensed into fewer.

Of note, "luck" and lucky ring are unclear in their meaning/use.

The Whetstone is absolutely busted right now. Have a sword and 2 single use per turn weapons, starting by using it 2 or 3 times is insane. I ended up not using it to try to have some challenge.

Also, being able to farm mana using books against weaker enemy is feels like an exploit. Was fun to deal 100 damage per sword hit on the final boss though :)

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Now try Ring of Doom

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This game works surprisingly well on small screens (mobile phone).


  • screen not rotate automatically to landscape
  • Tooltip show up after touch-up. this means I can’t see an item’s description without using it in combat, or go to a place on map
  • right click (touch with two fingers) buggy but usable
  • prompts covering UI; you need to re-layout UI

If you fix all this, you can put this game on Android

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Well the game should was probaly ment for pc or chromebook not phone so you might have to wait a bit for these changes to be added

nice game


This was so good.  Inventory management done right and in a really fun way.  The only thing to improve might be to add accomplishments, but it's already great. 

Also, maybe having a thing that explains how the bonuses work.  I did go into battle with the bow 3 or 4 times before I figured out how the arrows had to be next to them.  (I think one of the bows said adjacent arrows would get +4 and either I didn't understand how it worked, or it malfunctioned.)

But seriously, hours of fun.  Great job.


Spent too much time than what I planned, really got hooked on this game!!!

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Adopting Slay the Spire's enemy turn indicators was a very smart decision; the game is full of great strategic moments thanks to it. However, this inventory management system is wholly unique -- I love the "adjacent" bonuses and tradeoffs: it's a different kind of 'strategy', but a nice break from battles.

 I would love to see more kinds of unique item placement mechanics and interactions (like the energy-granting rings that can't touch anything, gems augmenting weapons on columns or rows, and the fish-sword that's powered up by fish) -- for example, a rat companion that will burrow into your backpack and eat your food and grow bigger the more it eats, but provide you with buffs during battle. Inventory slots could also be elementally charged; putting a regular arrow in a fire-charged slot could give it a damage boost, but burn up any wooden items placed inside. 

The point is, there's a lot of good things here and so much room to expand on this concept. And I love the character designs! The merchant frog and main character are wonderfully charming.

Awesome work.


Wish Me Luck Guys

Your build is so wacky and I fucking love it.

For anyone just starting the game some items that are really good are rose, most rings, The wooden club just as good as the wood sword uses one less space and makes atacks coming your way weaker, another good item to start off a run is the luck sword makes it easier to get better items, and the fish sword you can get fish really easy and you can like 30 damage very easily with the fish sword, Ring of Doom is broken btw.

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there are few games that you play and just immediately know you are going to spend way way to much time playing it, for me this is one of those game, i just got immediately sucked in, especially after how terribly i handled my first run 


Oh wow the changes that have been made are cool! It's definitely harder, and I do miss meals healing as well, but I love how there's more health regeneration items. I wish I didn't have to replace items with curses, I did like how it used to not allow you to use the cursed items previously, and I would like if it made it instead so if something was cursed a certain number of times it would destroy it.

Im pretty sure one of the rings gives you healing for curses

Ingenious little game. Wizard's Cap, Assassin's Dagger, and Ring of Doom was a pretty OP combo, and I got it on my second playthrough...

Getting Ring of Doom is pretty good against The King just save up 50 mana and your good

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Also New Video

When You Can Defeat The Final Boss With No Weapons But You Still Can't Defeat A Green Slime: i have won but at what cost?

amazing and fun

I experienced a bug where I got softlocked on the You Win! screen. It was the fight with 4 rat ninjas I think on the second level of the second area, and I think it may have been caused by the Ethereal Sword from the magic staff disappearing? Had to restart, but fun game so far!

I managed to get trough and beat it on my second try after the first. The Cauldron doesn't seem to reset consumables (even potions) and the herb doesn't do anything it seems, otherwise, everything seems to function and is fun!

herb can heal you if you have seasoning

herb can also increase damage on a scimitar


damn, I enter the floor of magma and I think ''okey clean the floor and sell things'' and in the first battle two of the lagarts are going to deal 44 of damage, I should have farmed a little more

Amazing game but an idea that might help early game a little is adding some kind of healing in the begining with some energy because most of my runs may end due to not having a way to heal beside the bandage and one more the bandage is bugged and activates more than once healing 30hp not 5hp. Also I feel like some meta progression would be nice like a new loadout or something also last thing but does luck stack.

Yes luck does stack! Your chances of getting uncommon, rare,  and legendary loot keep going up until you find a piece. Then it is resets for that rarity and you need to build luck again



As Promised Here Is A Video it is rushed


great game, and a fantastic update! really looking forward to seeing where this game goes.


An absolute gem, kind of repetitive towards the fourth zone but really interesting mechanics and ambience :D so thanks a lot for this game !! an enjoyable experience ^^


Totally agree! I'm still working on late game balance but I just significantly shortened each zone.  Should help! Great feedback!


jagged blade no work :(

Sorry about that! Why isn't it working? When I test it, it seems to work okay.

it doesn't deal the eight damage its supposed to do to all enemies when it has extra attack damage

Fixed in the most recent update!


beat the king in the first round

Great job! I am making frequent updates so please try again soon!

you know, i hate turn based combat, and rouge likes, but this game is simply amazing because it get rid of all the things i hate about rouge likes and turn based combat, no RNG with if i hit or not or if a crit, makes my victory's and failures feel like it was because of me. and no having to play for 20+ hours until i unlock the actual fun items that rouge likes tend to do.

This is already really good but i did find a way to get infinite money using a merchant an expensive item, the wooden sword and just repeatedly switching them (so for example taking the expensive item from the shop, placing it over the sword forcing it out then repeat with the sword and so on)


not sure if its intentional or not but i find it funny if i put gems next to a water flask i can kill people by fucking drinking.

I fixed this! Good catch!

aw man, now my endless thirst can't kill people

was playing again. some herbs have the same issue


nice game i dont have discord (yet) but i beat the game

(i will upload a video about this tomorrow)

Great! Please share your video here!

i will soon


This game is very fun to play, and the idea of using the backpack as a center mechanic is an amazing idea

Thank you!


The concept is very nice and well done!


First game on that hold me actually pretty long. I'm really enjoying gameplay!


Hey Jaspel and pals! Just a heads up that I'm doing a bit of a Jammy Wednesday on stream tomorrow at 2pm, and I'll be checking out Backpack Hero and giving feedback. Hope to see you there :D

Had an absolute blast

why I cant sell item?

Great Game!! My Record Is Floor 12!

Love it. The tricky decisions between items, the desperate grind to find that one last coin, the crushing defeat because a rabbit stabbed you in the back...

Love this game! The music fits perfectly with the art and transitions really smoothly between all of the game states.

I'm hooked. Hits a sweet spot between RPG and... Tetris?

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This game is so adorable and SO FUN!! <3

I absolutely love the mechanics. Inventory management is so fun and I love how this game does it. This is great, seriously!

... Also my gremlin self didn't realize I had to put the coins in the backpack. Like, for some reason my brain thought coins were counted separately. So I accidentally did a no-coin run for like 30 minutes until it clicked with me. I was like "Where can I see my coins? Why can't I afford any of those merchants? Do I have to give up my rings?", lolll. c':

Super fun game! Having to re-organize the inventory mid-combat is such a cool idea. The items that clear all hazards in a certain column made the game much easier for me though... That is, until the badgers one-shot me. I still don't know how I'd have beaten those badgers, WOW. I guess I'd have needed potions? Anyway!

This game is amazingly fun and I can't wait to see where development goes! ❤️ Keep up the awesome work! 


The last time I was this involved in proper inventory management was Resident Evil 4.

That's a compliment!

Mann I really like the game design. Especially the backpack item management. I reached lvl 50 and a bit disappointed that the game doesn't have a floor boss :( 

I stopped since the game pretty much repeating the same thing since floor 15th or something >.> That said, I enjoyed the game pretty well. 

(The total armor value: 47 Total attack value: 20)

Tho, there are a couple of thing that I would like to comment:

- 2 Bugs found: The gold trap idol ambush screen stealth (Can't target the monster because they are outside the screen after the player activated the gold trap idol) and Armor/Hp interface gets a little crowded when the HP reached triple digits (100+ hp value)

- Flask bug?: A weird mechanic when you have 2 flasks on your backpack -> The first turn you gain 2 regen -> Afterwards, each subsequent turn you gain +1 regen ( So you get 3 regen on the 2nd turn, 4 regen on the 3rd turn, etc). It is a bit broken since the mechanic only requires 2 slots. Haven't tried 3 flasks or more tho, so I dunno if it is a bug. 

- Monster/floor monotone after floor 15th to 50th. The monster design, item, trap, etc become monotone after floor 15th. Or at least when I noticed it? It becomes a bit boring when you had a perfect item formation. The monsters maybe hit a little bit harder on 30th + floor? I'm not exactly sure tho. 

A couple of suggestions if you dont mind:

- Add floor boss pls >.> Like every 10? 

- Harder difficulty? Maybe you can add multiplier calculation on the items and the monster stats based on the floor? So that we need to find new item continuously? You don't have to change the item design and just randomize the item name xD. Or maybe add more deadlier trap? Also, the item/upgrade cost on everything is pretty cheap. Maybe too cheap >.>

- More fun interaction? The combat organizing mechanic is pretty much useless since it is never worth the action point. Unless you add like... Disorganizing mechanics? (Like a monster randomly move or lock the items on the backpack) To remove the lock you need to pay with gold or use a specific item ?

Overall, I really enjoy the game!! Good work devs ! :D

Really appreciate your feedback! All of your suggestions are fantastic and they are planned! Balance is still a work in progress!  We will be adding more enemies, bosses, and a "win" state. I also plan to implement a "curse" system where enemies will force you to take negative items that will disorganize your backpack! I just added a new version where enemies get progressively harder after floor 12. I hope you will try it! And I'll be sure to let you know when the larger features get implemented! 

Please rate the game to help us get more views!

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ok i love the game but for some reason the combat stops for some reason im at floor 7 rn what should i do?

I fixed the bug! You should play it again! Sorry about that!


Thank you! 


An excellent game in the 4 floors I've played so far. Got soft-locked in a fight vs two badgers on level 4(?), but talked with dev and that should be fixed soon:tm:.

I love the combination of random items to find, tetris'ing items about your bag, and the pretty constant minor reorganizations  of your bag to max out item/weapon effects.

Super excited to see what more is available after the soft-lock and what comes next.


+1 to getting softlocked on badgers! XD

This was a super fun game, i really enjoyed it! It was fun stuffing as many buff items as possible on my weapons. Very proud of my setup hehe. Really looking forward to more of this game!


Super glad you enjoyed it! I will make an update to fix this soon. There are more enemies coming! And I love seeing the screenshot of your build! Thanks for rating and commenting! You can join the discord too if you want!

Bizarre, I also soft-locked in a fight with badgers, but on floor 7

Rly good game tho

Badgers are now fixed

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