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how do i unanchor items. i just dont know how.

If something is anchored, you can't move it unless the requirements are fulfilled. Ex. Wait a few turns, or remove the item that anchors it, unless it anchors itself

i keep getting the tutorial over and over again. is this ment to happen or is this some weird bug. everytime i start a new run i have to do the tutorial again

You have to do it no matter what, but you can skip if you press 'm' in the main menu

This is the only time the bomb is useful. LOL Also I literally almost died. So yeah this is one of the sickest runs I had.

I did win!

took me a while to beat the demo:

  • not sure if this is intended but I can reload the level by going back to the menu
  • the game has a lot of "traps" that would just ruin the run e.g. anchoring weapons or disabling weapons, messing up effects while moving item around etc (has to be super careful each time)
  • spike + rage on bosses = I hope I got a cleansing bomb somewhere
  • I sometimes see the item I want from the re-organizing action but I don't think I ever got 3 energies to do it...

Heres my run from today

I tried spamming wands but final boss killed me with spikes lol


I'm a wizard!

Also I get 7 mana per turn.

Well I said I wanted a cleaver build

This is THE run. Ele-arrow with Rage Forge.

Feeling Lucky.


Magma Core Sukz

Magma Core Suckz...

Also, where's my PepeTotem, Game?

crooked arrow is better if u have lots of backpack space

I don't get it, how is the crooked arrow better than a plain arrow?

can I get the code to the discord instead it just makes it easier.also does anyone have a good build to defeat the optional fox boss


gimme full and i rate that 5 :D

my best run by far

The famous game when i know

And now i play that

is this normal oh is it a bug

for some reason when i leveled up on floor 17 i couldn't add more space to my bag it said add 0 space has anyone had the same problem?

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This demo was awesome!  Except when it was broken.  But still, it sold me - unfortunately.

This demo promised me something more streamlined than this city builder stuff.  I couldn't even find a roguelike mode.  

The full game feels like, a mismash of some kind of star dew valley town building angle, loot variety -for the sake of Insanity loot variety, numerous different, fish, I Guess that's what mice dig, but i I like sushi too, so it's whatever?  Beyond just being all over the place, the total package looks to have been lovingly and meticulously varnished with, unfortunately, a veneer of jank that doesn't really say "1.0 released last fall."

I don't bother commenting when I just bounce off of a game, but man... In retrospect, this demo sells a much more focused experience.  Makes me think that the EA was the devs frantically implementing every horseshit idea the ppl in discord brainstormed up.  Not realizing that if those people knew wtf they were about, they'd be releasing their own titles.  Not convincing ppl to ruin their shit with asinine tacked on bullshit.

I'll just go ahead and hope, for the devs sake, that this has been a valuable learning experience.

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I recall seeing some updates on the Steam version of the game a while back, think it might've been a Christmas event so it's been a while, but the last update on the itch version seems to have been back in November, is the itch version just not updated along with the Steam version?

Edit: Just checked and it looks like there was an update for valentines day as well over on Steam. While it doesn't look like there's been anything here for PCs.

Here's the loadout that granted me a successful run. Nvm the smiling mini-shield. Basically the things that carried the run were the brick structures, the gemstone heart, the tilted sword, the whetstone and the windmill. These, I guess, were obtained due to some good RNG, which was (again, i guess) positively affected by a lucky ring and a few luck-increasing consumables.

Slay the Spire meets backpack battles.  Fun concept.  Playing on ipad, the save doesn't work and the game will just freeze and die somtimes.  Killed at least one highroll run.  Smoge

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My hoarding habits... aarwgjarjgioafr

Everything is useful, I want it all, but I can't!!!! ajfafalkeflr

*I love the game, it makes me hurt inside

also regen wand plus frog totem is overpowered

also i don't know if luck is still increasing but I have 5 lucky rings..

I died... I need cleansing... something.. agaogaogafgj;a

this game is so good.

so... I hope the save function works because this takes hours to play.

Tilted Sword is the strongest weapon imo, since bosses seem to follow a pattern of getting more hp and summoning minions so far, allowing it to stack up damage until the boss can be killed in one turn. 

Save function doesn't work for web game...

is there a reason that the cotton doesn't add mana?

I thought the cotton only affected wands? 

If it's not specific to wands, then try just putting the cotton on a square next to the mana.

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How soon will the Nintendo Switch version get fixed?

I bought the game last week, and I've already put about 20 hours into this game and like, I can tell that there's a really good game hidden behind all the bugs, but I don't think I can keep playing like this: Menu's freezing and not letting the cursor move freely, items randomly unselecting right after I try to select them, or not letting me select them at all, research items needing to be selected multiple times before the game registers it, game stalling half a second at every instance of dialog while in town, very choppy frame rate and game stuttering during combat; the works

It's a testament to just how fun the core concept is that I was able to get as far as I did will all that going on; I'd really like to finish the main story and do all the extras someday, but this version doesn't really function, so i'm reaching out, hoping for good news.

[EDIT: apparently the main story is only supposed to be about 8 hours long or so? All the bugs have been really slowing me down; I am playing on a Switch Lite, does that mean anything? I'm gonna try deleting it and downloading it again, see if that helps]

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killed grandmaster in 1 turn lol

electric arrow and mana carried :D

no hacks I promise - I LOVE this game!

*I didn't have the 2 bottom left squares and so the arrows did 47 damage as I had one less huge mana stone and I didn't have the stopwatch relic.

Am I cooked?


turn 1 grandmaster kill with cleaver build

Show post...

It's done! 

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Killed grandmaster in 2 turns lol

It was fun to play.

this is the best thing made

I managed to find a build that looks like it will go the distance for any endless run.Every Shield's Forge slot is filled with the +1 Haste effect.

Each turn I gain a tonne of actions thanks to the Ore, and then each time I hit a Hercule, I gain a bunch of Block which is then converted to Damage, while also gaining a tonne of stacks of Haste, which leads to even more Block next action.  If I can't defeat all enemies by the time I've used up all Actions, I'll still have enough Block to survive whatever attacks come my way, and I have the Swamp Shield to remove any Poison I suffer.  And since there are no weapons in this build, I can use Pacifist's Rings too.

no slow build for me...

This is surprisingly amazing. Im getting it on Steam, good job!

floor 27 with cleaver build,died to king


are you thinking about making a android version?


I was thinking about today. Its pretty possible :). not sure if in version 0.3 or 0.4 depends how doings the donations. If donations get a good number more i can give time to this. :)


Oh sorry, i was looking  the worng place . lol. 

Pessoal comecei a jogar agora, desculpe minha pergunta besta, mas numa parte do jogo, na parte do magma, ou pântano indiferente da categoria de armas que uso seja arqueiro ou corpo a corpo não consigo infligir dano em ninguém, alguém me dizer o porque? 

Bug report:
I've tried twice now, and upon completing the Final Very Hard challenge for Satchel in Story Mode, the final chest doesn't spawn anything upon being opened.  This prevents completion of the Challenge.

Note:  I am up to -four- attempts now, and still result in nothing coming out of the chest for Satchel in Very Hard 5 of Story Mode.  I've completed all other Very Hards for all other characters at this point.

that is a very important and bad bug!

Still no word from the dev, though.  I wonder if they've abandoned

Very good game! I made it to endless with a wizard archer and finally beefed it to some bats, despite having a cleansing rag. I didn't even know what haste did until this run so I didn't put it in the right spot. Oh well!

Above: This is the backpack i had not long before beating the game. The bow actually became very dangerous to use against the final boss due to rage issues lol, but thankfully I had picked up a cleansing wand that saved my whole butt.

This is my final backpack during endless. I was trying out different legendary melee weapons... I had a great spear and this sword was a downgrade. It didn't matter though, because my offense wasn't fast enough nor my defense strong enough to get a chance to use melee, since all my energy was going to shields.

Gotta say, being a wizard is the best. Being able to throw out a couple dozen attacks per round was amazing, especially with stopwatch. I think my little electricity wand was doing 50 damage per mana at one point with just stopwatch and a forge damage bonus.

I started the run trying to be an archer but you know how things go.

can u please explain to me what haste do? i play this game since the publishing but dont understand wth haste do

Sorry I actually forgot since this 💀



It's the opposite of slow: Gain more Block whenever you gain block.
Rage and Weak do the same for weapon damage.

Our saviour!

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Very original spin on a card game genre (is it a card game?... I mean, technically it's not yet still has the same vibes smh)

Very imaginative game. Will probably end up with this on Steam.

Any chance of a Switch port?


it's on switch now! We're still fixing a few bugs and working on touchscreen support but the game is working decently there overall!

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The HP scaling in endless play lol

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