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Whenever i Play the demo and try making a new game while already having a saved game it crashes. I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else? also won't load game. says it took too long an embedded error has occurred. only for web version from what i know.

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I can't load my saved games at all for some reason. (Only issue on Web version. My Steam Version works fine)

Love the game.
I have it on my home-computer via Steam, but i'm stuck at playing the free web-browser version at my work computer. Is there anyway to download to game without steam, or without to have to buy a second copy?

I really love the game and each character offers a different challenge and complexity to it. I had finished playing hard mode 1 with purse and wanted to play hard mode 2 with a different character. However, I was not able to do so without first beating it with the other character.

I can understand the design behind it, but imo it feels a bit too grindy and can get repetitive if you want to try challenges with different characters. 

It can take the freshness out of the challenges if one has to restart on hard mode 1 just to get to the fourth one for example.


When is the game coming out on consoles because I really want this game on ps4 and it looks very polished.

We're hoping for early 2024! But there's not exact release date yet unfortunately. We are working on it everyday!

Thanks, I remember the trailer on YouTube and nothing else was mentioned.

I love this game so much!! The Music is so good and I love the way the game works. I've been trying to become an archer but it is very annoying 😫

I almost beat the king!! But they are so op

Thanks for the kind feedback! Story mode is coming so soon!

Is this a decompile, do you think? Pretty awful knockoff.

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It uses our code and a lot of our assets. We've had it removed from Google several timed but they keep reposting it. Please report it

i wish that the backpack didnt run out of space later on cuz it makes big builds very hard after a while

Are you at Gamescom? I saw a booth with your game

We are! BinaryCounter, the musician is there! As well as Different Tales! I am not unfortunately!

I actually met BinaryCounter there! I talked to him about an idea for Co-op multiplayer for Backpack Hero. He’s probably going to tell you about our meeting :)

The idea is basically a shared backpack, where each player has one half and can support the other player with their own items. Example: One player has a bow, the other has arrows. So they put their items up to the border so that one can give arrows to the others. 

If BinaryCounter tells you that a kid at gamescom told him this, then it‘s me!

I was wondering how that would work that is a great idea!

when will the console release be there is nothing on YouTube and this game is so good looking the current game looks done from what I have seen

i play it on mobile here but two characters are locked, so i purchase the game on steam .but now I find that  still unable to choose these two animals.I wonder if its available to play them on mobile?or I can only download Pc version?

(English is not my first language,hoping you can get what I ask about(^ω^))

The steam version supports 5 playable characters.
You do need to download the game.

thank you for there is no access to play characters on mobile?:(

I saw it can only download on PC or mac,and don't support to download on phone.if it can play on mobile then I can play it wherever I am.(i did load this website in advance then play it on plane to kill time)

nice game and hoping for more playable stuff on mobile!(><)

we do not have a mobile version at all! You may be playing a knock off version with stolen assets and code! We are however looking into a full mobile port after we have fully released the game.

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however it's able to run game in browser??sadly it won't update.. 

The browser version is just the demo!

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Hi! Very much enjoying playing this :-)

I just recently tried to claim my Steam key and got an error "There are no keys available at this time, try again later." - do you know when more keys will be available?

Sorry about that! Many new Steam keys have been added!

Thank you :-D

why dont you bring this to the google playstore? it allready has mobile support 

This is planned! Hopefully for 2024! Definitely a lot of tough stuff to handle in porting. And we need to finish the game!


Trying to run the Windows executable results in the game attempting to get itself to run through Steam, which results in the message "Failure no licenses" to be displayed by Steam. Trying to run the game while Steam isn't running causes Steam to launch.

Trying to acquire a Steam key from the Itch purchase page returns the error message "There are no keys available at this time, try again later."


Are you saying that the executable you downloaded is only playable if using steam?

What happens if you try disconnecting the computer from the internet whilst running the executable or using another computer without steam installed?


I have attempted disconnecting from the Internet by unplugging my Ethernet cable. The game caused Steam to launch with my stored credentials but was unable to do anything that required Internet access. (Displaying the store page, showing the status of people on my friends list, etc.) The same error about not having a license popped up.

I do not have another computer at my disposal to attempt running the game there to see what happens.


Please try it again! sorry for the issues!

Yep, it works now! Thank you!

same thing happened to me, unable to open the game at all. Forces steam to open, then crashes.

Sorry to hear about this! I just uploaded a new version. Please accept our apologies!

Really sorry to hear about these issues! I just updated the game here. Can you try the new version? And I really apologize for the mistakes!


who likes spikes build - where you get roses and a spiked helmet to deal massive damage back when they attack?

What should the best build be if I'm on low HP?

sheild as much as possible (or untill you block all of dmg)

Amazing game and I've been loving every second of it, unfortunately looks like someone is a fan a plagiarism and is ruining the game :(

I hope that this doesn't demoralise you <3

why would someone play this when the game has mobile support 

And its 3 star as well. Any game or app 4.0 stars or less I am much less likely to download, and any game 3.0 stars or less I won't download at all.


Love the game! Is there a way to purchase the full game that is playable in browser (not steam)?

there is not a way to play the full game in browser, but you can buy the game via Itch and get the DRM free version if you don't want to use Steam

Thank you!


Seriously. . .

It's about time Inventory Management actually gives in-game bonus Perks for having an Optimized set-up of all your items!!


okay so bve careful when you dont have keys and are approching a door


starting behind a door.


After playing this for months I can proudly say this is addicting. From melee only, to discovering archery and magic. There is so much combination that goes well with each other. After coming across and trying out the the legendary item "Pickaxe", I have never have this many gemstones in single run.

I want to hear yall thoughts about my loadout for this run, sacrificed consumables for this. Will continue to play until my addiction kicks in to buy it on steam 


This is creative. Humbling. Credit to you on your resourcefulness and creativity.

After getting a pickaxe in a run, might as well go all in with it. Even if I had to sacrifice consumables and even use low tier armor, use what I can and what I  had. 2# run with pickaxe

Is there a way I can engage meaningfully in discussion, updates, and developer-approved "deep fandom" outside of Discord? After learning certain truths about Discord I'm eager for ways to stay away from it.

How closely would you say, for example, Steam Discussions count?


Discord and Steam Discussions is probably the best place to get up to date news on development of the game. There is also a subreddit but its much less active.

Thank you. I have had good experiences with Steam Discussions, including with one of the credited developers, "Jas".

I look forward to continuin correspondence there and here.

By the way, GangsRobin, it's good to meet you. Ryarod, new player. Your art for Backpack Hero has been impressing me.

"certain truths"

Curious phrasing. What have you heard?


 Discord turned a blind eye to awful stuff happening on their platform. Anything more specific isn't for here.

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Question: Is the classical poison potion a la the demo there? The one that gives each enemy +6 poison? I haven't come across it in the bought and paid for version of the game, yet, even though I have found the Double Poison Potion. I have found ninja stuff that seems like a direct upgrade, though.

I get that ninja stuff is cool and all, but I miss the thrill of RP'ing as an alchemist. I'm hoping it's there and I just haven't found it yet amid the massive pool of possible items.

In the off-chance it's in a time-out, though, requesting re-institution. I wouldn't even mind it being less powerful than the new toxic kunai - i.e., let the toxic kunai keep its extra +3 damage on top of the poison - just as long as I can please have the option of that poison potion back. Roleplaying as an alchemist calls to me.

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Found it!

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Question: Is the full version available on Steam the same as the full version available on Likewise, will the release be updated with new versions at the same time that Steam is?

I want to keep playing the bought-and-paid-for version I downloaded off of here, but if I'm missing something by not playing the Steam version, please let me know.


The Steam version is the same as the Itch version - however we do have some testing branches on the Steam version that get updated a bit more frequently. But that stuff is buggy too - so it isn't for everyone!

You can join our discord and learn more! if you're interested in testing builds!

Please note: Real question employing my attempt at humor incoming. Please correct me if I offend:

I have a question about story mode. I know a game's mostly the gameplay and we shouldn't care about the worldbuilding, story, characterization, etc. - and true, this wouldn't be a dealbreaker - but I want to know for expectations' sake.

When the story mode rolls around, is it going to be thick with "power of friendship" themes? One game series I otherwise took a liking to, Sonic, really nosedived by going into the "power of friendship" puddle, hard, when the gameplay had nothing to do with friendship and everything to do with using motion forces, button timing, platforming skills, etc. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII did the same thing but even worse by crumbling that way in just one game each.

Since teamwork doesn't seem to be an immediate concern in Backpack Hero**, is the buddy-buddy stuff going to maybe be toned down a bit for this one? Or should I begin to brace for characters attributing achievements of my inventory management and fighting thoughtwork to the love of some friend who's been slacking off back in the town while I do the dirty work?

**Except for that one blip in the Steam trailer where someone, I think that bird guy with the instruments, actually has brought several enemies over to his side to fight that corrupt priestess lady. That looks awesome! For whoever that was alone I'm all for "power of friendship" character interactions if his/her gameplay is literally based on making friends.

Eventual "friendship" corniness or not, I gave into my heart this time. I went ahead and bought the full game. The demo won me over. Thank you.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you're not done with me and my obnoxious nagging. Expect feedback.


Good! We're glad to have you!


Regarding the Purse Plush, what does the "Digital Production Design" mean?


It's a schematic that shows how the Plush was designed! It's like a blueprint for a plush!

Is there any development on going into mobile?, cuz i got baited by the .app and i thought that it was for mobile and i instantly bought this game without any process into my brain, but when i realized it was for mac, could i possibly get a refund maybe? i am sorry for my stupidity

I suspect's own support team might be the ones to contact. They likely handle payments first.


We are planning to make a mobile version - but there's no exact timeframe. And it might be a totally different version from the Itch purchase.

You should request a refund from Itch if you want to return the game! No problem!

Are you aware of a game called Hiker: Heropack Creed? I found it on the google play store and it genuinely looks like 95% of it was ripped straight from Backpack Hero and the 5% are all minor visual and UI differences. 


I just went to the app store and started to file a report against it, but apparently that's only acceptable from Backpack Hero's own devs or someone legally endowed to act on their behalf.

I don't know how else to bring this to Google's attention. Google seriously needs to update their app store's reporting functions to include concerned folk who hate seeing good work ripped off.

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I offer a sorrowsay for earlier. Thank you for your patience and for answering me calmly and informatively when you would have been in your right to respond in a retaliatory manner, or to have ignored me.

This is truly an impressive and amazing game you've created. I have never - I have never - played a game like this one. It's the first "addictive" game I've played in years. Not since each installment of the Batman: Arkham trilogy, and Mount and Blade Warband before that, have I found a game that just pulls me in and sucking up hours of my time. I acknowledge I mishandled my steadily growing passion.

Please keep up the great work. I choose to wait until that story mode is released, but then a chunk of my wallet is yours when that comes about.

Congratulations, also, on the Purse plush! She's a really likable persona, in my opinion - even, and maybe in a way, especially, because we know very little about her outside of her basic animations.

I'm revising this in the evening and now that I've found the character intro about her in Steam, I like her even more. It's nice, in a gaming landscape filled with a lot of Team Fortress 2- esque nonchalantly homicidal protagonists, a lass who is relatively benevolent.


been getting ads on YouTube for this game and just felt like telling you guys since I've been following development for awhile. Seems like its a pretty shameless copy. Didnt know if you all knew about this.


Where's my special award for 420 gold on floor 69? Maybe it's the carpal tunnel I picked up from clicking the Ring of Doom so many times.

Seriously though, it's a fun game. Nice work!

Okay, I'm getting extremely frustrated with the menu options of "View all by Thejaspel/Following Thejapsel" etc. getting in the way and causing me to accidentally screw up everything by losing a game I got too deep into to save.

Before I buy, I need to know:

1. Is there an actual story mode? Or an ending? Something to aspire toward? Or is it all just infinite delving until you drop?

2. Is there a sale coming soon? No hard feelings but $17 feeds my family for the evening. I won't spend that much on a maybe.

I'm impressed so far, really am, but need to know more before I make the plunge.


The story mode is still in active development, but there will be one, no concrete time frame but we are aiming for end of summer at the earliest for the full town mode to be done. The paid version also has over 3 times the amount of content as the itch demo, with over 800 items and 5 playable characters, all with unique mechanics and challenge runs.

and as of right now the game is 20% off on steam right now and through the summer sale - we started our sale early to celebrate reaching 3000 reviews on steam. If you want to hold off until the town is implemented I imagine we will be having a sale for our 1.0 launch.

Why do you not play in fullscreen? There is a button on lower right corner.

Or you can zoom the page in maybe, so the thing gets scrolled away.

And you can always inspect the element with right click and then right click the line and select hide, so it is not visible anymore.

Compared to similar games, the games is worth the money.

This is demo version and they changed game play several times. Like the curses and money and how certain items work. And I guess it might change several times till full release.

I do not know what to expect from announced story mode. The thing to aspire to with Slay the Spire was actually be able to beat the boss after the endboss. The level structure is basically exactly the same as with StS. But here after 3rd boss there is endless mode. You might wanna check out the discord for more current information on what is happening or being planned for the story mode.

Ponydragon, I hadn't known there was a fullscreen option until you brought my attention to it. I've been playing it that way ever since. Thank you. I don't know what Slay the Spire is, so I am not qualified to comment.

After learning about Discord's history I don't go there anymore, but I do consider myself looking to Backpack hero with significant interest.

 Spire  is an older game that popularized or even introduced this kind of rogue like setup, but with a deck of cards instead of a bag of items.


Is there a DRM free version I can buy? Steam and I need some time apart before I can get comfortable using it again.


I'm silly. I just saw that the purchase comes *with* a Steam key.



Mushroom Mushroom

Seem to be having trouble with the mac download not working. :/ 


My best run.


For anyone still playing the demo.. After playing this game for a while I figured out that the best endless build that scales even faster than the growing HP in endless is this build right here. Electric wand, lots of gems, a few relics, 4 loaded black mana stones that you can keep upgrading with regular mana stones, and lots of forge upgrades + golden whetstones. This build would grow stupidly strong if I continue but I am tired of the endlessness. The wand starting damage is 972 and the damage goes up by about 20 every hit from the stopwatch and rage. With the 4 black mana stones I can get in over 600 hits. This scales up like crazy. I finish all the battles in the first turn and actually only end up using one of the black mana stones. Haha totally overpowered. I love it! I was trying to do this with the assassins dagger but soon realized that this build is wayyy better. Here are some quick tips:

- Try to build a pack that can end your battles on the first turn.
- Builds with no armor are the best.
- The candle, stopwatch, windmill, and fly thing are great relics. The others are kind of useless.
- Have one heart gem for regeneration
- Black mana stones are vital
- Try to get a golden whetstone on the spin roulettes. Then buy as many as you can. Reload save game every time you fail. Eventually I stacked up 50 of them in this game.
- Dont save consumables (maybe just for the final boss). Just use them up every battle

- Well and practice makes perfect lol. This was a fun little game.


Is there a reason to have more than one black mana gem? Are they capped or is there a glitch that you can consume a mana stone with two black stones?

Save scumming can give you good stuff, certainly. But that is kinda cheesy.


I think it is so you can absorb mana stones without committing all of your mana to do so.

Thank you for the tips, I just tried it out and it works excellently! Just one question, how do you make the black-manastones absorb mana stones (to increase capacity) but not absorb the other black-manastones?)

Also, I'm finding berserker ring (+1 energy if no shields/armor) to be mildly useful (it's better than windmill, which is a relic!), although this build uses more mana than it needs energy/stamina.

when i try to play it says It looks like the webpage at might be having issues, or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

oh i just need to click it

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Hi, I just wanted to warn you about a lot of fake mobile rip off versions of your game. I don't know what kind of legal action you can take, but just letting you know some douche bags out there are stealing your work.


I got here to comment this exact thing!! That mobile game is almost a complete rip. I bet they just took the code and changed out some sprites and wrote a wrapper around it.

I legit just saw that add and came here to ask about it.


why would people play that when this game has mobile support

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wait Matthew  is like that person from slay the spire that gives you items at the start


someone is ripping this game off on mobile called hiker: heropack creed. They're shoving it full of ads and microtransactions from my understanding.


Just want to share my collection, why did my comment get deleted :(

I think this it the strongest build possible in web version with infinity hp, mana scale and deal a ton of damage with rage from the The Forge

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