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so are red and blue slimes

bees are so annoying


Finally made it to the final floor and all of my armor has been turned off and my build is ruined! What is happening? I genuinely love this game and only want to know what happened here? 

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In combat, it blacks out all items that don't have clickable actions like armor and accessories.  They should still apply their bonuses though.  It's just a way to visually see what items you can still click on to take an action. Basically it's saying you can use your spear, shiv, shields, and whetstone at that particular moment.


He should still have more than 6 block

true.  The only thing I can think of is that he hit the bosses spikes which reduced it, but not sure. I'd just reload at that point and start the fight over.

I entered the boss fight and that was my stats. 


Ok but why do wands suffer spike damage... like am i bonking them with the stick or-

I accidentally click "return to menu" and instantly lost my run :'( maybe put a "confirm" button so that doesn't happen.

The game saves every new floor. Plus, you can manually save on empty map tiles.  I do agree that there should be a confirm on that button though.

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Back at it with another dumbass archer build that got clapped the second I hit floor 16

Chinese player reaches level 88 with mousewood~ check the link~

Backpack Hero endless session deck

mousewood kinda good

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Through sheer willpower and autistic min-maxing I stretched my run to floor 16, where I'm capped. GG Backpack Hero Austim

Don't ask me how long I spent to get this far


This is actually one of my best runs yet 

130 Poison 60 Spikes 80 Block 5 Energy in a single turn, It was very fun, I wouldn't have ever thought of using a shield to shoot arrorws, But hey it works

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So fun!


Was a nice run :)

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Love the game, but I do have one negative comment: Structures honestly don't seem to have any use.

For the amount of space they take up their defense bonus just isn't worth it. Almost any armour will outpace it for both passive defense gain and utility, given that unlike all but one of the structures, most high rarity armour has useful passives

Their only synergy seems to be with the manchette, glass bottle, and a few rings. While it is nice to gain these benefits and still have passive defense, they don't give enough of a bonus to make it worth using structures, since the defense does not scale well.

Their rarity also makes no sense, with the brickwall being worse is almost every way to the basic brick, and balloon being harder to combo with the rest of the items with no benefit. 

I get the design could easily be broken if things are not careful. I imagine if the balcksmith event that can give a shield haste were combined with a structure build it would be insane...but I have seen the blacksmith once in my 20-30 runs. But for how bad structures are, there need to be more ways to either gain haste or they need a serious buff to how they scale.

If I were to spitball ideas:

Keep the Brick, Roof, and Tower the Same

Have the Brickwall Gain 2 For Each Adjacent Structure, Count as 2 Structures, Give Defense Twice, or some combination of these.

Have The Balloon grant gain no additional defense for adjacent structures, but grant 1 Haste for each adjacent structure. This is a good payoff for it being hard to combo with the other structure pieces.

just sayin, haste also applies for structures.

I did acknowledge this, my comments about haste are about how structures don't work without it, and the most consistent ways to get it are either a random shield improvement event or archangel armour. The event has showed up in very few of my runs, and the archangel amour negates the main benefit of strucutres.

Wow, this is such a unique concept for a game. I really look forward to checking it out. I'm a game composer and always love being able to work on (and play!) creative projects like this one. I can see you've chosen a retro-style soundtrack for this game, but if you're ever in need of orchestral or medieval fantasy music, check out my demo reel. I'd love to chat!

Imagine this


I think im finished the game (its my first time :)) 

Nice! I see you took found the fish sword.

Keep playing and you'll see what real damage is... if you think 41 is alot... wellll... you'll see : )

i don't like the speaker. speaker lvl 2 killed me using the brutes along with the fact that i got like 20 slowness or whatever it's called

Unless im missing something. piling curses seem to be OP and are my game ender EVERY time. what even is a big curse? that was one quarter of my inventory

I just went to the version for the first time after  and I'm seeing my old saves

I saved the game but I died and lost everything....


when ever i try to play the game it always says that it'S not responding and its so annoying 

shield also has +1 haste. darn blue slimes..........

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;-; p o i s o n . . . poison is both the worst and the best. i only found 1 forge. it was weapon. used it for poison on my poison arrow.

is enchanted swamp supposed to be this hard?

im dying T-T

i. could not find a single forge. at least i got 2 golden whetstones on my weapon.

The emerald bracelet doesn't work. 

I have three curses around it but it's not giving me any energy what so ever.


it only gives energy at the start of the round, if it still doesn't give energy it's a bug

It didn't give me any energy at all. I only had 3 energy at all time.  I had it surrounded with curses.

This build got me to Floor 14, I'm pretty proud of it

How does it fire the arrows? don't they have to be to the right of the bow?


If you rotate the Bow they can be in other direction  but always in the front size of the Bow face direction :D

Thanks stranger!

got a really good run with 3 machety+4letters but died to the king

Facing King with the scratch build. I was hoping for Grandmaster. Can I win?????

probably you'll have to rely pretty heavily on haste/thorns though 

Only had to use shield once on the first turn. Afterwards, I simply ended my turn, no scratch, no shield, no energy use. Ballsy move. But it worked out

Lost 6 HP to poison casted by a smile summoned by the boss. Because I knew I wouldn't die and I didn't want to spend any energy. :D

Just lost a run that got me absolutely INSANE single turn damage

I am trying to go for a mage build. But I never found the healing wand with this damage wand. I always end up with the flat 7 damage wand. It's a good build overall I think.

I think it would be insane if you could find 3 electric arrows instead of regular arrows.

sad im about to lose this it was my best run ever ;-;

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(pls fix this)- I was at a shop and decided to rearrange my items and then as i tried to put my item in a different spot it said cant afford so basically i "sold" my only weapons and lost my WHOLE RUN just because i wanted to rearrange some items at a shop (im am very pissed right now but just please fix it before you release the game) EDIT: i got no money from the "sell" and never placed down my item until that one time


i just... bought archangel armor... and uh... next battle i found another one... ;-;

I think they work best in groups. The more you can fit at once, the better they perform. I've had 3 in my most recent run, and I would take one or two more if I could find.

Mouse wood is broken

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this game is so much fun. each play-through is different from the last which makes it fun to do over and over. (and your discord link is broken.)

Im so glad I found and followed this game and eventually came back to see that its now something I can wishlist on Steam.

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A pretty interesting bug I found: If you start the game from Matthew, then enter the crypt/bramble, then exit the game and press continue, you'll enter the game without being able to interact with any of the ui, and will have to reload the webpage. 

very fun

I don't know how I did this but I can't escape or go through the door help

It's an existing bug. It's been like this for some time, hope the devs address it soon.

So that's suddenly adjacent now? Was having a super good run and then this dumbbell permanently shut down my weapon for the combat. Maybe I misunderstanding but usually they say diagonal for anything touching the corners. Not a big issue, but that was super annoying to lose a whole run from that.

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The barbell gives the "If adjacent, weapon doesnt work" ability to the weapon itself. So you would have needed the weapon to be weapon not to be adjacent to anything. 

You are right in what you think adjacent means in this game though, diagonal is separate.

I get how it means now, that the weapon itself gets that property, it's a bit confusing though.

Yeah, I got bamboozled at first as well. The weapon has to be not adjacent, not the barrel(I think the barrel doesn't have to be alone, but I could be wrong)

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