Backpack Hero Swamp Update

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Swamp Update is available now! Lots of new content!

New stuff:

  • Added a new biome! Be sure to bring an extra key with you!

    • new enemies!
    • new bosses!
    • new events!
  • Added several new items!


  • TAIL
  • Improved backgrounds
  • Adjusted saving in light of new content
  • Revised the text on some of the events
  • Decreased Olm's base HP
  • Defensive points are now called "Block" consistently to differentiate from "Armor", which is an item type
  • Enemies no longer increase the power of "Dodge" status effects
  • Peridot is now rare - not legendary
  • Gemstone heart is now legendary
  • Speedy Leaf is now an accessory - as you no longer "consume" it
  • Regen potion now adds 6 regen
  • Blade-master now starts with 7 spikes, encouraging you to wait
  • Vampiric Axe now does 10 vamprisim per hit and is 3 spaces tall


  • Fixed a glitch where killing Skinks on their turn could soft-lock the game
  • Fixed a glitch where attacking enemies could trigger their own "when attacked" ability
  • Fixed a glitch where chainmail's buff wouldn't stack
  • Fixed a typo in the name of the Golden Bow
  • Fixed a glitch where the "End Turn" button wouldn't appear if you switched back to the inventory too fast
  • Fixed a glitch where you could "teleport" to events that were unreachable
  • Fixed a glitch where you could talk to NPCs while they were fading away
  • Fixed the "Energy gained" and "Energy used" stats in stat tracking
  • Fixed a glitch where threads could disable the "end of turn" effect of the Ninja Armor
  • Fixed the sprite for the vampire blade
  • Fixed a bug that occurs after saving with the Ethereal Arrow
  • Fixed an issue on the card of rotational items when they are shown on the "Spin the Wheel" minigame
  • Fixed an issue where you could rotate items when they were being replaced by a curse

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82 days ago


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I am so excited, thank you for the hard work Jas and team <3


olm's finally being slightly nerf'd. Now if only Fire Gecko's weren't such a consistent run killer.

For the record I absolutely love this game and I know balancing it all out is so much work in its own right. Keep being awesome!


The Goilden bow was a typo?! I was convinced that it was the real thing!

Speak of the angel, I got softlocked in that fight with the 4 skinks mere minutes before this was posted.

This was a very quick hotfix, great job!

Putting that on the aside, I enjoy the gameplay gimmick of the skinks, this does make slow a good status condition to use because without an item like the spiky club, it is very difficult to kill them cleanly they will simply shield themselves up each time they get hit.

Though, one worry I do have is that might make them unkillable without a weapon because scratch only does 3 damage and they block 3 each time they get hit.