KickStarter is now live!

Our KickStarter page is now live!

Hope you will consider supporting us! Any amount really helps and it will allow us to make the best game that we can!

Also checkout our new trailer


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Congratulations! Found your game a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I also backed your kick starter and I found out today that you've reached your goal. Noice! I like the gameplay and its pretty unique. Best of luck with your game development.

Congratulations on hitting your initial goal so quickly :) was keeping an eye on it throughout the day.
How much are you planning to price it on Steam? 

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Thank you! So happy!
We are still deciding but 12-20 USD is the expected price range

Congratulations! Is development on the itch version done though? I wanted to download this, but didn't want to use the launcher or redownload it over and over again with the updates.

We're not done yet. You can expect a big update to the itch version this weekend!