Backpack Hero Balance Update Hotfix 1


  • Needler now adds 2 poison per use


  • Fixed a glitch where leaving a store could crash the game
  • Fixed a glitch with the vampiric axe sprite
  • Changed the golden whetstone so it gives a +25% bonus - not plus +125%
  • Fixed a glitch with the matching card game
  • Fixed a glitch with the glitched potion (no this isn't a joke)

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92 days ago


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I think it's a bug with dodge from the ninja costume and haste activating together. In this run I go with two ninja costume for a long time and accidentally I found that if I've got haste (I just ate a fish that granted me haste), the "remove block" from ninja costume will be fun, as shown in the second picture, "remove 700% block of yourself, base -1. haste +8". Which means with haste, one can easily go up to infinity block. The archangel armor and fox rapier are just for further testing, I guess they doesn't really matter to the case.

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Sorry I got better image quality one

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Hello, When I fight since the first boss I have only 2 energy points by turn. Outside of fights I have my 3 energy points. Strange bug, didn’t have this bug on my first run (after the hotfix). It’s a run “from mattew” that have a bug.I still have the save file. I really enjoy your game by the way.

Is that the Wizard's Cap on the bottom, next to your boots? That removes one energy point, in exchange for mana (at least it did in the previous updates, probably still does), if so it's not a bug

Thank you! I read all the items descriptions twice without seeing that. So no bugs finally.