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this is the setup i used to beat the game you sheild 3 times then use all the shivs and it just gets stronger and stronger the hatchets are there because i had room if i can get anything better there i will  any suggestions 

Now there's a golden rose that buffs from simpler ones, I guess you can add it. And also consider changing chest plate to another, you do not utilize it's buff to weapons anyway

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was trying to get as many coins as possible before dying. managed to get 290. shield has +2 haste.

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does the brick set work? I wanna try.

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Finally i Finish this game.With this set

what does this green little dagger do?

it adds luck when you kill non summon enemies with it.

waht does luck do

luck increases your chances to get gear/events of higher rarity, making things like legendaries and rares more common.   


Three poison arrows are surprisingly powerful. 

New run immediately after the last one. Got this. I can just spam my shields and don't care about my damage, because the Dovan will go-up each turn, and my enemies' damage will go down 3 times per click. And if I need more damage, I can use the whetstone to give a plus 3. 

I literally killed the boss just spamming the shields XD.

haha poison go brrrr

Still can't believe I could rush the King with this one. 
The basic strategy revolves around the Wand, the cotton and the ring of Doom. The cotton makes the wand unusable for 1 turn, but that's not important.

You start each fight using this sequence:
Ring --> Wand --> Ring x 6 --> Ethereal Shiv -->  Key Sword X 3. You're free to replace sword attacks with Shield uses, since you could be taking a considerable damage afterwards...  

Anyways, this build exchanges time for power, because the ring allows you to basically use it for free once per turn. The book is barely of any help since it poisons you and that's 3 HP you don't get back with the sword. I got the conductor for beating the boss and I must say that it looks very very nice for the build. First Victory Lap Ever

finished on floor 16, this is not the ultimate build, the lucky ring on (2, 2) can be replaced by another energy gem and the magic balls can be upgraded to 3/3. The final build is able  to make ~1900 dmg in one turn.

bro pickaxe op(sry i forgot to screenshot)

it was fun while it lasted

My New Favorite Meme Build!

badger boss

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Never thought I'd beat king without the Doru, but this crazy build did it with more ease than the Doru. I was very sceptical due to the complete lack of defence but I made it through. The pick did 63 damage with a +8 each turn.

edit: The lack of defence got me at floor 13 with multiple Sables.

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Doru is OP for sure but good cleaver builds, rangers or spike, and potion tanks are also broken. also if you are ever having trouble with defense good subs (for me at least) are mega vampiristic, or mega healing buffs (sandwich, soup, and fish combo super OP) side note: wizard staff centred builds can be good as well but i never lucked out with mana or mana regen stuff

I haven't tried a cleaver or archer build yet but I could never luck out with the mana stuff either


the reason on why rocket gives permanent damage to enemies is because B A R B E L L

rocket run anyone?

up past floor 700 now. decided to ditch all the shields in favor of more energy (not that i really need it yet).

Old setup: 19 x 3 = 57 attacks
New setup: 9 x 9 = 81 attacks

Plus, I can trade energy for keys and luck ring storage to try to find more golden whetstones! I've decided i'm going to try to get to floor 1000 before i call it quits.

how do i get the new update



Someone took this version of your game and turned it into an Android app on the PlayStore, it might be nothing but figured I mention it here anyways.

did they change the name or something

It's a straight rip of this webgl

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Club Build


that's actually really smart when against enemies with spikes like king, but maybe think about or try getting cleansing flame to help against the reprecutioner and king

i got a hercule pavise on floor 1 :D

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teddy bear sword and guardian ring can be affected by rage and haste

do not spread this message


finally a decent cleaver run, 6 rage and 6 haste so far

Best run so far, 13k+ damage first energy. need moreee!!!

20 floors ahead of you I do 1340 dmg on first energy. Probably because i have no duct tape.

keep searching for the duct tape XD

you might do more damage if you put the red cleaver (third one line 2) the row below and the same with the fifth one too

i'll try, thanks for advice :D

Swap the left-most chef's hat with the gold cleaver from row 2, and see the difference in damage output. xD

eu tinha items muito bom e eu morri por causa do morcego e o veneno dele fiquei muito bravo

Tote's Flowering Cleaver is SUPER POWERFUL!!

You should implement a report bug feature, or some other way of reporting a bug.

Here's the bug:
The peridot that increases poison by 1 and reduces weapon damage by 1 increases self-poison on vampiric axe to 4 instead of adding 1 poison damage to enemies.


the boss of this demo is so difficult i managed to get it from 750 to 210 health but the boss does too much damage


I think I probably got really lucky.. that last battle was crazy difficult though D":


I should probably start a new game, but I really want to see how far i can go before things just totally break down...

hot dang

bro what

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I should note that the assassin's dagger killcount is bugged; every tiem you pass 1k kills, it starts incrementing by a factor of 10 instead of just 1 (so 10 per kill at 1k, 100 per kill at 2k, etc...) at least i think that's what it's doing. the actual kill count is the +damage it's getting.

and yeah, i got lucky early by getting the dagger and shield spirit to keep things rolling. had plenty of room for lucky rings as well, so i found more golden whetstones. Also at one point hit a wheel-game with golden whetstones on it and blew through 1k gold trying to get as many as I could. think i got 6 or so off of it?

anyways, still playing this same save, i'm up past 600 floors now. I also hit another wheel game with whetstones, though i only got 4 out of it this time. I'll probably post another screenshot later :D

worth starting the game from Matthew or starting normally? i did both and each looks to have its own perks but i need somebody who has played longer to tell me 

i'd say it depends on what kind of build you want.

starting normally just gives you a lvl up, 3 out of 7 items (of your choice) starting from matthew can give you 5 things

  • 2 uncommon items (could be bad)
  • 10 extra max hp (a little extra safety)
  • 1 rare item (could be the poison ivy(bad) or either key sword or teddy bear sword(both good)
  • become an archer (gives you a bow (not 4 wide) and arrows the bad thing is that you could get 2 short arrows and a crossbow but you can save scum or just not pick it)
  • nothing via ignoring (its just nothing)

anyone know what I should pick here for cleaver build?

consider that I have to verse king on floor 9 btw

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the candle is a must-have for almost any run as it will get rid of thorns and thorns are a menace to cleaver builds. but the belt is kinda OP with cleaver as well

don't worry, I chose cleansing flame/candle

I DID THE TRICK, luckily though, I didn't get put up against king.

although, I died, but I quit, so I can try again against grandmaster Xd

Hey u said there is a discord server i have a discord how can i join the server?

Belt of knives i think

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Love this game so much cant wait for it to be on steam! keep up the great work👍

You have to pay 12 $ to pay with the update on the kickstarter

I wish I could play this I heard good things. Is there a downloadable version?

Theres one on steam i think

i cant get te new version?

started as an archer build but... ductapes

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im on floor 51 and have seen 9 golden pavises but no duct tape. Youre lucky.

Cursed Vampire Axe is Underrated! 100% Health Always!!

still waiting for another duct tape

im slowly losing hope in getting one as the last one i got was like 100 floors ago...


OH holy RNGsus gods, bestoy great luck upon thy *ftbgamer*


at least he has duct tape

pacifist run


I did a full pacifist run after getting a shield scale from Matthew. Eventually you run into snakes that never attack, just poison, and so don't take damage from spikes.
Maybe it's possible to replay until you get lucky and don't encounter snakes? Maybe there's another pacifist-ish way to kill them?


teddy bear sword but its very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very inefficient in endless even with 12 duct tapes

So I've noticed that when I play this on mobile(I know this game isn't intended to be played on mobile), when I exit the game and click continue for the second time, it bugs out and stops working, forcing me to exit & re run the game. I've been resetting for a few hours now so I can get a conductor from the boss, but I haven't gotten one after dozens of attempts - This on top of me having to exit the game to re-run makes it very frustrating. Is there a specific requirement to get a conductor from the boss, or is my luck just terrible?

u have to click different spaces or patterns on thr map otherwise ur rng is same iirc

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Any better placements? I have no duct tape and the bricks and the coral are temporary. circled pavise has 2 haste circled cleaver has 2 golden whetstones and 4 rage

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