-=-=- Chain Fury -=-=-

Attack ninjas and reach the altars to move forward!

Touch ninjas or pull them together to defeat them!

Create and chain together combos, show off your creativity!


Arrow keys / WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim

Left Mouse - Throw Kunai

Right Mouse - Pull to Kunai

Space - Jump

R - Reset Level



Design / Programming - TheJaspel - Twitter - Itch

Design / Programming - ChaseOmega - Itch

Art / SFX - RetroMike - Art Station - Itch

Art / Design - OkAi - TwitterItch

Art - Gui - Twitter

Art - LoneRabbit Twitter - Itch

Music - Pemattern - Itch - SoundCloud


Listen to the soundtrack!


Development log


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You should make a downloaded version

how do you finish the level on the last photo?

the one with only one ninja and a new concept

Hook the ninja on the right and fall through the pit, then pull to the ninja and if you do it right you'll get to the end.



how are you supposed to do the boss fight?

You pull ninjas into the ceiling. They'll drop down and hit the boss. Sorry it isn't too clear!

Amazing Game. Loved everything about it. With a bit more polish this is a game that will survive not just as a jam game but also as commercial indie game. Well done.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.




Great game! It is a complete game idk what you can chainge it is perfect.

Very satisfying. I'm a sucker for a grappling hook :D

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This game was great! It has a really simple yet unique mechanic with a lot of fun levels. I would definitely play a full version of this game. One thing though is that I didn't know that you could link 2 people together for several levels until I did it on accident, and the boss fight was a bit confusing at first. I didn't realize you were supposed to link the enemies to the ceiling so they would hit the boss lol

Really unique idea, but a few things:

1. The colliders feel a bit off.

2. The UI button at the start has a massive quality different to the rest of the graphics.

3. A tutorial would have been nice.

Hope the feedback helped you, would be nice if you could check out my game "Square Pair" too. :)

ayyy its awesome. i feel so good for beating the boss lol. Good job! clever

Creative concept that teaches mechanics effectively through intuitive level design.

Cool and creative platformer loved every bit of it.

The concept is pretty good and well executed. Its really fun to pull yourselfinto enemies or accidentally hook two enemies into each other. The only real complaint I have is, that you somtimes get stuck on an edge when pulling yourself to an enemy.

pretty cool, but I got stuck on the boss fight.

Alrigtt!!! Dude, this game is fucking lit, well done!

In terms of feedback -- some platforms are super jump-unfriendly, like 1-2 pixels away from being jumpable.

Apart from that, I loved it! I definitely don't feel like you overstayed your welcome, as I really just wanted to bash some more ninjas together!

The last boss took a bit of effort, but again, I didn't feel like it overstayed its welcome. 

I really hope you bring this one to life, would love to play a full version of it!


Nice submission! Deflecting the shuriken with the kunai feels cool, and details like the kick animation really help the combat work.