Fox Johnson is a detective in Mammoth City. Lost in the city, he must uncover the truth!


Arrow keys to move.
Z - Jump
X - Interact
You can direct your throws by holding an arrow-key before pressing X.


Zay (soniclinkerman)
Lon3r (Lone Rabbit)
sketchers with da shawty

Listen to the soundtrack!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsThejaspel, Lone Rabbit, ChaseOmega
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsAnimals, Detective, Furry, Global Game Jam, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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I like the title, description and textparts, while "mute music/sound" somehow won't react when playing this game on a windows8.1-laptop on basilisk-browser. Generally unity-games were supported there, just slowed-down in progress if they're way too graphical-based.

After noticing those 2 buttons, there are no clickable lines recently, music keeps playing in the background, no matter if I'm trying to single or double clicking them?

Nice!! I liked the art style, and the music is neat! good game ^-^

Very cool concept. I liked the atmosphere, the color palette, the art style, and some of the puzzle-like elements!  I had some trouble with the platforming, and I kept getting thrown off by the movement in 2 ways. 1: You can be jumping left and if you don't hold the left key long enough the character loses momentum and plunges straight down. The physics don't seem quite right. I kept thinking I could go farther than he actually would. 2: If I held down the left key while jumping left too long instead of sticking at all to the moving platform he kind of rolls off the edge, because I had to keep pressing the left key so I wouldn't plunge. 

On a side note, you can get stuck in an endless loop of reading the memorials if you're trying to pick up something next to the memorials with x at the same time....even if you pick it up, it'll register as reading the think. Kind of frustrating. Would probably feel better if there was a separate key for pickup versus read, or, alternatively, a way to cut off the memorial notes so you don't have to read it all the way through, then accidentally press x again while you're trying to skip past it fast and have to read the whole thing all over again. 

This was really great and I actually love this kind of thing. It was just enough story to keep me interested, and being so atmospheric with great music really keeps you wanting more. Platforming is a little frustrating, and I hope that with a few minor tweaks you have made a really great start!

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