Apprentice Tower

----=[ ]=----

Climb a tower and help the hero save the day.
(The hero definitely knows what he is doing.)


Click to move.
Moving into a new color uses a movement point.
Defeating enemies gives you gold and a free move.
Collect new gear to power-up!
Get as far into the Tower as you can!


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After claiming the gold on the first level, where do I go?

Wait solved!


I have a question what the heck is gold for?

move to an orange tile

This was a fun little game. I liked the art and the blend of puzzle and dungeon crawler. 10/10.



Nice game! Very interesting and engaging gameplay! I like how it’s semi-puzzle, semi-rouge-like. Great dialog sounds. I like how it kinda goes along with the music! But did get a little repetitive after each room. 

There was one point where I got stuck after opening a chest. Couldn’t select any tiles or items.

Other than that, great work! 

- Josh

Amazing visuals, simple clear and easy to read. The music gives a feeling of doing something sneaky underground, and that fits the dungeon theme for sure. Looks very polished and finished as it is!


It's a perfect game with everything. I can say it's the best game I've played so far in the jam.

Great job!


I like this :)